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NRPR Group: Committed to Publicity, Powered by Purpose

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Nicole Rodrigues, Founder & CEO, NRPR

NRPR Group: Committed to Publicity, Powered by Purpose

NRPR Group is an award-winning, exclusive PR firm and communications machine that works with some of the most prominent and disruptive companies around the world. Based in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, the company team includes skilled writers, communicators, and thinkers who understand the value of building strong client relationships and continue to build long-lasting ties between clients, brands, the media, and influencers.

Led by founder and CEO, Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR Group offers its clients an integrated communications strategy in which PR, social media marketing, digital marketing, and video marketing all work together for brands to maximize their marketing potential. The company’s clients and media are passionate about their respective missions, and NRPR supports them by creating lasting relationships with members of each of these constituencies to produce ongoing buzz and visibility. From startups to Fortune 500 companies within consumer tech, fintech, health tech, enterprise, mobile, digital entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and consumer products industries, NRPR services the best-of-the-best clients with a very high-touch, result-oriented approach that positively impacts its clients’ bottom lines even during difficult times.


Committing to Client Satisfaction through Outstanding Services

NRPR Group was founded in 2014 and since its inception, its mission has been to be the Agency of the Future, delivering extraordinary results through passionate execution of the right messaging for the right opportunity, close client partnerships, and exceptional service. Hence, its team concentrates its efforts on creating relationships and building friendships with media that result in wins for the client and media.

NRPR Group’s journey has been focused on empowerment and growth, both individually and collectively. Founder Nicole Rodrigues purposely included “Group” in the company name. NRPR is short for Nicole Rodrigues Public Relations. Although Nicole started as a one-woman operation, adding Group made the name aspirational that one day she would have a fully staffed full-service marketing agency of the future.

To date, the company has worked with over 80 clients and projects and has never had a month in which a client did not receive media coverage. Employee and client satisfaction are very important at NRPR Group. Nicole says, “When clients are happy, they remain with the agency and offer positive word-of-mouth referrals which help the agency grow. Moreover, when clients are happy, employees are happy and work hard to continue to achieve results.” She strongly believes in imparting knowledge and expertise for herself and staff. She mentors and empowers the team to develop skills, which in turn helps them on their career path and reaps benefits and accolades for the agency.


An Inspiring Leader

Nicole exemplifies what a PR leader, advocate and humanitarian should be, realizing that giving back is truly what characterizes a leader. Nicole loves mentoring her staff to help them to build talents. She also pays it forward for career help received and to develop future PR industry leaders through her work with youth. She puts tenacity and determination into everything she does to assure that her actions are meaningful, informed and representative of the highest standards and stands as a role model to employees and those around her.

In addition to founding NRPR Group, she is also the founder of a non-profit foundation, Young Dreamers. Young Dreamers teaches children about the impact their mindset have on their future and inspires them to appreciate themselves. At Young Dreamers, Nicole produces creative school activities, all-school assemblies, workshops, and more, to help students set goals, develop emotional intelligence and the ability to control one’s emotions, and give them tools needed to achieve goals.

Nicole is one of eight hand-selected board members for The Organization of American Women in Public Relations (Women in PR USA), which advocates for major issues directly affecting women working in the PR industry today. Nicole leverages her love of sports and experience working with the Las Vegas Raiders in her mentoring activities. She is an active member of Athletes Touch, an associationof former professional athletes all supporting each other to grow each other’s businesses. Additionally, Nicole is currently an EMBA candidate at UCLA Anderson School of Management class of 2022.

Nicole is also the author of Beverly Hills Boss, the book. Through the Beverly Hills Boss social and media channels, Nicole is able to mentor a larger audience beyond her readers. In the book, she explains how to become the boss of your life, journey, and destiny by sharing her story and how she made her dreams happen, and how you can too.  Beverly Hills Boss provides tips and other resources to students, young professionals, PR professionals, and entrepreneurs who run or want to start a business, to develop the necessary leadership and life skills.


Exclusiveness of Niche Offerings

NRPR Group is committed to high standards of service to clients and media, and to elevate the reputation of the public relations industry. Unfortunately, there is a false perception of all PR professionals as “spin doctors” who twist the truth and deceive the public or as ill-prepared, lacking in knowledge about clients and their industries. In 2020, Nicole started the Real News Review, a new series on the Beverly Hills Boss YouTube channel, where she speaks to major news personalities in an effort to educate PR professionals on what constitutes appropriate media outreach.

NRPR Group sets the standard for professionalism and quality for agencies in order to maintain its reputation of accountability, client support, and expertise and to extend PR to the next level. For example, NRPR garnered 141 press hits for one client in top-tier outlets including Cheddar TV, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, The Financial Times and AlleyWatch, in the first two months of working with them. The increased visibility aided the company in its funding and revenue goals.


Delivering Results beyond Expectations via Technology

NRPR Group is always on the lookout for new tools that will keep the agency ahead of the curve in what it can offer clients. Unlike other agencies, its team goes beyond the simple tracking of number of pieces of coverage and uses monitoring tools to analyze the tone of content, the share of voice, and to track competitor coverage. By having a handle on data, and investing in multiple tools keeps the company ahead of trends and its client’s competitors. Moreover, NRPR ensures to deliver the best results for its partners and to define what constitutes success for a client campaign.


Thrust Towards Innovation

NRPR Group is innovative because it offers a hybrid of marketing and public relations backed by detailed metrics and reporting, which most PR agencies do not do, especially similarly sized boutique agencies. With PR at its core, the NRPR team includes the best storytellers with strong expertise in messaging, alongside an understanding of the full marketing umbrella and corporate ecosystems in which organizations operate. Consequently, the NRPR team knows how to maximize the PR/Marketing partnership in an organization to deliver the best outcomes for a client. NRPR is the PR firm of the future incorporating messaging, strategic use of digital tools such as Onclusive and Meltwater, and creating forward-thinking strategies based on in-depth knowledge of clients that map back to a business’ goals.


Overcoming Adversaries Brought by Pandemic

The company has not faced many challenges over the past six years. Of course, the road has not always been smooth, and it has faced the usual employee, client, budget or business climate-related issues. The most recent challenges have been pandemic-related, and the agency has managed to overcome these as well. The NRPR team has been helping clients adapt their messaging to meet the current circumstances rather than advising them to stand still or worse yet, bury their heads in the sand. Moreover, NRPR has worked with clients that have COVID-19 focused products and services such as masks, testing, sanitization, and products to ease the return to work process, thereby further solidifying their roles as market leaders and helping them to message their stories appropriately. Fortunately for NRPR, all employees were able to work from home and maintain the usual high productivity levels during the current environmental and health challenges.


Notable Recognitions and Client Feedback

NRPR Group has been bestowed with numerous accolades. Award wins include a Gold win in the 2020 PR World Awards for Advertising Agency of the Year.  Nicole has also received a a Silver Stevie Award for Communications, Investor Relations, or PR Executive of the Year 2020, 2019 LA Business Journal Women of Influence 2019 award, a 2018 Bulldog Reporter Stars of PR – PR Professional Who Makes a Difference award, a Gold award for Public or Media Relations Professional of the Year in Bulldog Reporter’s Stars of PR 2017, and a Ragan/PR Daily ACE PR Professional of the Year – Honorable Mention in 2019, a 2020 Silver Win in the Women World Awards for Female Achievers; Business Role Model of the Year,and more. These awards recognize and validate Nicole’s and the agency’s commitment to creating lasting client relationships that produce ongoing buzz and recognition.

However, the company believes that the esteem held by clients for NRPR Group is more important than the award recognition.  For instance, once a publishing client remarked, “When it came to partnering with a PR firm, I only wanted to work with the best. As a CEO and publisher, my clients expect 5-star service for their book, their message, and their brand. NRPR has been an instrumental piece of getting my clients the highest quality publicity and third-party media for their books.”

Even a technology partner had described NRPR as “having a unique ability to really understand company needs and help to get the message out into the world. They become a part of the company culture and a trusted team member and cheerleader leading to concrete results.” The majority of NRPR clients come from referrals from other clients, which is high praise and a win-win situation for an agency and its clients.


Aiming to Reach New Milestones via Latest Endeavors

The public relations industry will continue to evolve, along with changes in the digital economy and the overall business economy. As the world recovers from the pandemic, many companies will be turning to public relations agencies for assistance with new product launches and the latest marketing strategies to meet a change in the business environment. NRPR Group has always kept an eye on business, technology, and marketing strategies to remain on the cutting-edge of digital marketing, reporting tools, and other ways to best serve clients. To that end, in 2020, NRPR launched NRPR Productions to increase the agency’s capabilities to include a full-service production company, specializing in branded content, commercials, corporate videos, and YouTube series.

In January 2021, NRPR announced the launch of its newest division, NRPR Business Pro. “Biz ProTM” will take startups through the process of setting up a business, incorporating, and everything involved in a launch. It can be overwhelming to register a business, set up bank accounts, and design a website as a company moves from zero to startup and prepares to launch. Since no other existing public relations agency does all this for clients, Business Pro and other new services will help NRPR to remain on the cutting-edge and to continue to offer the highest level of services to clients.