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  /  Latest News   /  Now Play Tennis Using a Virtual Racket. Yes, You Read that Right!

Now Play Tennis Using a Virtual Racket. Yes, You Read that Right!

This virtual racket will actually give you the feeling of hitting a ball on a tennis court!

This virtual racket utilizes an air jet to reproduce the vibe of hitting a ball. The virtual tennis racket keeps up with the remarkable authenticity and pinpoints interactivity mechanics. The series is known for and furthermore now includes works on shot precision. The AirRacket is a regulator of an eruption of compacted air to create strong powers like those delivered when a ball is hit. The AirRacket delivers explosions of packed air that can re-enact racket sports like tennis, badminton, and table tennis in computer-generated simulation.


The Virtual Tennis Racket

The AirRacket produces a strong force similar to that produced when striking a tennis ball, to take advantage of our perceptual limitations and to trick us into believing some sensation that isn’t there. As of recently, video computer games comparable to Wii Sports bring evolved vibrations to the table for gamers, the feeling of hitting a ball, mimicking the varieties of tennis.

It’s completely different from what you feel if you can actually. This is the first virtual tennis racket that allows you to feel that directional force right from the impact of the ball. The AirRacket is used to simulate how rackets react to ball impacts. The controller uses cylinders of compressed air adapted from paintball guns, which can produce instantaneous and powerful forces similar to those that occur when hitting a ball.

The system depends on a perceptual phantasm to make the impression pressure feels as much as 4 occasions larger. When researchers tested the controller they reported that in addition to making the game feel more immersive, the shock sensations helped them direct their shots and feel how well they shot the ball. The sound of the air jet and the pressure of the virtual tennis racket helps trick customers to believe that they’re taking part in a tennis game!