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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  No Matter How Ethical it Gets, AI Still Cannot Stop Disrespecting the Dead!

No Matter How Ethical it Gets, AI Still Cannot Stop Disrespecting the Dead!

AI deadbots allow you to converse with dead people by imitating them, but is that even ethical?

Using people’s data without their consent while they are alive is unethical. But is it ethical after their death? In that contemporary, while developing a deadbot, it seems reasonable to request the consent of the one whose personality is mirrored. Because no one knows where we go when we die. Deadbots are a new application of AI. These are chatbots that allow you to converse with dead people by imitating their responses. France was one of the first countries to take an interest in deadbots from a legislative point of view.


Deadbot: The Future of AI?

A deadbot is a type of chatbot that allowed Barbeau to exchange text messages with artificial intelligence in the name of Jessica. Generally, an AI chatbot service allows anyone to make a virtual friend. Barbeau said he used his lover’s past text messages and Facebook postings to create the chatbot to resemble his late lover’s writing voice.

This project was built drawing on an API of GPT-3, a text-generating language model by the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI. GPT-3 is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text. While we may all have intuitions about whether it is right or wrong to develop a machine-learning deadbot, spelling out its implications hardly makes for an easy task.

The development of a deadbot that can replicate a person’s personality necessitates a large amount of personal data, such as social network data, which has been shown to indicate extremely sensitive qualities. However, the dead cannot be harmed or offended in the same way as the living. But in our AI society, the dead can suffer damage to their honor, reputation, and disrespect toward the dead also harms those close to them. Moreover, behaving badly toward the dead leads us to a society that is more unjust and less respectful of people’s dignity overall.