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New Crazy AI Tool Imitates Your Dead Loved Ones for US$10!

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  New Crazy AI Tool Imitates Your Dead Loved Ones for US$10!

New Crazy AI Tool Imitates Your Dead Loved Ones for US$10!

Project December: A terrifying AI tool lets you bring the dead back to life for just US$10

Artificial intelligence has evolved in today’s world with enormous capabilities and the new development in technology-Project December proves that. AI Tool imitates dead people “Project December” is the first system in the world of its kind. Applying patent-pending technology, in conjunction with deep artificial intelligence, we can now use this AI tool to simulate a text-based conversation with anyone even someone who is no longer living.

Losing a loved one can be a hard experience. When unable to share their presence, touch them, or talk to them again life becomes difficult. For last long, technology has offered a way for the bereaved to stay connected to those they have lost, whether that is through photos or videos. However, artificial intelligence can now be used to ‘resurrect’ the dead so you can have a conversation with them. Project December is an AI-powered chatbot that lets users ‘simulate the dead’ and have convincingly realistic conversations with them – this digital resurrection is a bargain at US$10. By paying the money you can develop a chatbot that mimics the behavior of someone who is dead. ‘Project December’ claims that its ‘deep AI’ can simulate a text-based conversation with ‘anyone’, “including someone who is no longer living”.

The developer of AI tool, Project December, Jason Rohrer, took the first attempt to build his AI-powered chatbot-making software during the COVID-19 pandemic. After finding out that people were widely making it in use to recreate the dead, he decided to relaunch this AI tool as a ‘special purpose service’ for communicating with the deceased. “It is interesting to come up with something so cutting-edge, crazy, and science fiction-esque. It is fascinating for me as a creator,” Rohrer commented. He further added that he hopes users “get the help they were looking for out of this experience”. Users are supposed to fill out a form with information about their dead loved one, including their name, cause of death, personality traits, and any special information such as pets.

One user of the service said the service has helped him to connect and speak to a number of dead people, from his grandma to Steve Jobs. He even tried to speak to his dead future self. “Depending on the intention, conversations can be funny, creepy, profound, weird, spiritual, or even comparable to a healing process,” he mentioned. Project December told users that they should “not expect perfection” as they work with “science-fiction level technology”.