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NetSecOps is Helping Enterprises to Deal with Cybersecurity Threat

  /  Security   /  NetSecOps is Helping Enterprises to Deal with Cybersecurity Threat
NetSecOps cybersecurity it security cyberattacks

NetSecOps is Helping Enterprises to Deal with Cybersecurity Threat

The Role of NetSecOps in Curbing Cybersecurity threat in Enterprises

With the ongoing COVID-19 scenario and various industries operating remotely, the increase in cyberattacks is notable. A study by the University of Maryland reveals that computers are attacked every 39 seconds on average. For example, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported a fivefold rise in cyberattacks in 2020. Although there is no shortage of security solutions available to organizations, NetSecOps is likely to tackle the current vectors of attack that businesses are facing.

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Let’s explore what NetSecOps is and the role of NetSecOps in curbing cybersecurity threats.

NetSecOps (Network Security Operations) attempts to assist IT security teams with dealing with the network, security, privacy, and priority policies across industries, including the enterprise sector, by automating many of the operational steps that are tedious and error-prone. NetSecOps is knowledge-centric in which the proposed framework stores data, information, and knowledge about the infrastructure and maintains the data in a central knowledge store, allowing the framework to realize IT operational tasks and the knowledge-store to inform and guide those tasks.

Therefore, for many security professionals, this is an opportunity to invest in NetSecOps.

With organizations increasingly adopting agile development, edge applications like IoT and cloud computing to build resiliency and competitive advantage, NetSecOps will automate network security monitoring and integrating robust security into operational workflows alongside configuration and provisioning considering the Covid situation.

NetSecOps will be the solution in which organizations can bypass the bottleneck that security is usually perceived to represent the ability to leverage the network entirely.

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It can enable a business to operate productively within the heightened challenging security environment that brings a renewed focus and interest in NetSecOps solutions.

NetSecOps ensures better Security.

A report by Accenture (Annual State of Cyber Resilience) discloses that 80% of Australian companies believe that their cybersecurity investment are failing and 70% of enterprises find staying ahead of the cyber attackers is a constant battle with the costs incurred in the endless battle nowspiralingg out of control.

As a result, businesses are turning to their channel partners to help find solutions to challenges related to security. Using threat intelligence and more strategic approaches to cybersecurity can help vulnerable organizations in terms of security to stay protected and better equipped to respond effectively when the enemy strikes.

NetSecOps is a pathway to providing that resilience and agility while also acquiring a level of control over the spiraling costs. Machine learning (ML) helps to ease the manual monitoring of the ecosystem.

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And early detection can help the organization to respond quickly to any breaches that might take place.

The channel’s role lies in articulating to its customers that end-point security solutions cannot be a solution. The approach to security requires being cohesive and whole-of-environment.

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Security requires being tight around how the enterprise works, and solutions should be holistic to the entire environment. In collaboration with Flowmon,  Kemp Technologies can now better assist the Australian channel in providing that comprehensive solution to their customers.