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Fastest-growing AR/VR companies

Must Know Top Fastest-Growing AR/VR Companies in India

Fastest-growing AR/VR companies in India are transforming organizations in 2022.

Cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have started offering immersive experiences to almost all kinds of global industries. Companies of AR/VR have identified the core area to meet customer satisfaction at a whole new level. Indian AR/VR companies are exploring new areas to enhance customer engagement and drive higher revenue in the nearby future. Thus, let’s explore some of the top fastest-growing AR/VR companies in India in 2022 to drive more immersive experiences efficiently.


Top fastest-growing AR/VR companies in India in 2022



Mobcoder is one of the top fastest-growing AR/VR companies in India focused on providing innovative and scalable augmented reality app development. It is customized for every business to enhance customer engagement efficiently. Multiple augmented reality solutions are available for both iOS and Android systems to deliver unique and interactive personalized experiences to industries such as e-Commerce, healthcare, marketing and advertising, as well as entertainment.


The Intellify

Intellify is known as one of the leading Indian AR/VR companies with immersive shopping and social media interactions. It provides assistance to organizations to come up with augmented reality and virtual reality use cases to improve user engagement with a unique brand identity. It offers to create an interactive and immersive virtual reality experience to have a better understanding of products and offerings efficiently and effectively. This fast-growing AR/VR company in India provides AR filters, WebAR, 3D modeling and animation, and many more.


Awakeen Studio Pvt. Ltd.

Awakeen Studio Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Indian companies that is emerging as one of the fastest-growing AR/VR companies across the world. It is known for creating an immersive experience in banking, manufacturing, entertainment, education, medical, automobile, real estate, as well as travel and tourism. It offers a full range of services in design and development with augmented reality, mix reality, mobile app development, virtual reality, and many more.



Being one of the leading Indian AR/VR companies, Intelivita is known for being one of the top mobile app development developers. It offers comprehensive mobile app solutions to help businesses grow with immersive experiences through augmented reality and virtual reality. It has helped to create food delivery app, taxi booking app, car wash app, fantasy sports, and many more with these cutting-edge technologies. This fast-growing AR/VR company has a wide range of portfolios such as an augmented reality game known as MowMow, a 360 degree 3D virtual reality app for Microsoft, and many more.



Expoodle is one of the popular Indian AR/VR companies focused on exposing the power of augmented reality demonstration for a new concept of HAL— the mothership as well as its UAVs. It helps to explore the best AR/VR solutions to transform brand practices with immersive apps efficiently and effectively. Multiple solutions that are compatible with it can drive higher ROI with a higher chance of improving customer engagement. It has covered events and tradeshows, health and fitness, retails and e-Commerce, as well as product packaging with their innovative AR/VR solutions.