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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Mind Blowing AI Technologies that Only Exist in China

Mind Blowing AI Technologies that Only Exist in China

Global Tech Outlook has listed some of the mind blowing AI technologies only found in China

Being the most populated country in the world, China is determined to be at the top as the first global superpower for Artificial Intelligence. This country has an unlimited supply of enormous datasets to develop and train AI technologies for smarter use in the tech-driven world. The AI developers have the most ambitious Artificial Intelligence strategies and techniques to innovate unique AI technologies that can only exist in China. China has the aim to become the largest hub of Artificial Intelligence innovation with market size of US$202.57 billion in 2026. Let’s explore some of the mind blowing AI technologies that only exist in China and nowhere else across the world.


Fully Automated Hotel

A Shenzhen-based company, known as Smart LYZ, has opened the first-ever full automated hotel in Hangzhou, China in 2018. The hotel consists of robot receptionists as well as multiple AI technologies to help to meet customer satisfaction and enhance customer engagement. Artificial Intelligent robots tend to welcome guests by verifying their identity and bookings through facial recognition. There are smart speakers with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms embedded in systems that take orders on voice commands. Baidu Inc, has been implemented into hotel rooms that can help tourists in multiple ways through its voice-controlled Artificial Intelligence assistant.


Robot Doctor in Kindergarten Schools

Kindergarten schools in China have implemented health-checking robot doctors to detect any sign of disease or illness in little students. These Robot doctors utilise Artificial Intelligence algorithms such as facial recognition to detect patches on hands, eyes and throats within three seconds. Robot doctor is also known as the Walklake Robot that has a square body with a cartoon face. The Walklake robot can monitor and keep track of patients without any human nurse. This AI technology can send results to parents and store data for future references.


Smart Waste Bins

China is the first-ever country to develop smart waste bins by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to sort garbage efficiently. Citizens are required to register for a system and scan the QR code on the bin to throw out the garbage. This AI technology also helps these responsible citizens to earn extra points through a special app, depending on the weight of their wastes. These smart bins also identify registered citizens through facial recognition to allow the right person to throw the garbage in the right bin. The waste bins weigh down the bags and provide rewards such as cash, food and household products to the user through an app.


Contactless Public Toilet

It is a well-known fact that Artificial Intelligence has disrupted multiple industries and companies across the world. But now it has entered into public restrooms in China. The hi-tech AI-based restrooms have all automated systems inside those— doors, flush, drawers and many more. These AI technologies are equipped with a facial recognition software, to recognise new users and provide a selected amount of toilet paper. The same person cannot use more than what AI technology has provided. AI technology in restrooms does not store data for a long time.

There are many more mind blowing AI technologies that  exist only in China such as: AI-powered pig farms, dog nose print recognition system and many more. China is, indeed, driving its economy to a whole new level by implementing Artificial Intelligence in each and every manner.