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Microsoft Lists Cloud and AI as Essentials in Driving Economic Growth

  /  Latest News   /  Microsoft Lists Cloud and AI as Essentials in Driving Economic Growth

Microsoft Lists Cloud and AI as Essentials in Driving Economic Growth

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft thinks cloud and AI could help in economic growth

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says cloud and artificial intelligence could help in economic growth. Presently, the use of the cloud is gaining significant pace, claims Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, and calls the cloud a big game changer. Nadella, who is currently in India, addressed Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai.

This week, he has appointments in Delhi and Bengaluru as well. During his time in India, he will meet with important clients, entrepreneurs, developers, teachers, and students. Nadella, in his address on Tuesday, cloud and AI are essentials in driving economic growth. Satya Nadella said, “Cloud has been a big game changer… cloud is in early-to-intermediate innings…,” and noted the “tremendous momentum in cloud adoption.” Hyderabad-born Nadella also lauded the way in which India is building public infrastructure. According to Nadella, the cloud-native application hasn’t actually started yet. The majority of applications will be developed on cloud-native platforms by 2025. Nadella emphasized how the cloud will be fundamental to scaling the country’s digital journey as he shared his vision for a tech-enabled India.

“When you move to the cloud, it is 70-80 percent more energy efficient. So if you want to be energy efficient on any workload, the first thing to do is move to the cloud. By moving to the cloud, you can also hedge against the demand cycle as you are consuming only when you need it,” he noted. Microsoft, according to Nadella, operates in more than 60 regions and 200 data centers worldwide. The company has regions all throughout India and is growing by establishing a fourth region in Hyderabad. The CEO of Microsoft said, “We are very committed to making cloud infrastructure available everywhere.” He feels India’s lead in building digital public goods is amazing.


Speaking on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nadella commented, “Let’s think about how it can augment every one of us in whatever it is that we are doing. Every knowledge worker is going to be more creative, more expressive, and more productive. “Every frontline worker will be able to do more knowledge work than they ever did. Every design task, whether it’s software engineering, mechanical design, or architecture, is going to be that much more productive going forward. So, it’s ultimately, in my opinion, going to accelerate human creativity, human ingenuity, and human productivity across a range of tasks.” India, according to Nadella, is a center for creativity and innovation. By the end of the decade, India’s economy will be the third largest. According to him, it is already the second-largest economy for startups.