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  /  Latest News   /  Microsoft boasts of having over 145 million daily active users

Microsoft boasts of having over 145 million daily active users

The pandemic has left us with no other option but to stay indoors. Following the Government restrictions that were imposed on the schools and offices being closed, the compulsion of classes to be held online and working from home has led to a huge chunk of people relying on Microsoft Teams communications app. As of now, Microsoft boasts of having over 145 million users across the globe. The company reported that it has seen 26% increase in the number of users from October 2020 to date. The last one year has seen an exponential increase in the usage of Teams. Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise as people relied on this platform to get educated, host business meetings, etc. 

To be precise, during the start of the pandemic, there were about 32 million daily active users of Microsoft Teams. Within a span of a few weeks, the numbers reached new heights. These numbers getting doubled since even the early days of the pandemic comes as no big a surprise, which is why 75 million users relying on Microsoft Teams within a few weeks itself was not surprising at all. Such high number of users throws light on how strategically has the company grown by pushing businesses to move to the cloud and adopt Teams. 

Talking about competitors, well, comparing these platforms doesn’t make much of a sense for the fact that these companies have different disclosure measures to follow. For example, Google and Zoom don’t reveal daily active users. They follow a different method altogether. Here, a single user could be counted multiple times if they participate in different meetings during a day. This ultimately means a large user base. It was just in the last year that Zoom revealed of having 300 million daily active participants. On the same lines, Google revealed that it had 100 million daily active participants in the last year and Slack revealed that it had 12.5 million concurrent users during the beginning of the pandemic last year.