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  /  Business   /  Meta’s Recent AI Research Program Sounds a Lot like Giving Up, says Experts

Meta’s Recent AI Research Program Sounds a Lot like Giving Up, says Experts

The AI research program of Meta needs to have a comeback in the global tech market to be at the top

Meta is gaining popularity for the newly created advanced digital world known as the metaverse. Meanwhile, the AI research program initiatives of Meta have been thriving with new applications of AI models to meet customer satisfaction efficiently and effectively. Mark Zuckerberg is focused on artificial intelligence to expand the brand of Meta through an AI research program. Experts are providing opinion that this recent AI research program of Meta is declining the quality of the valued company. Let’s explore the reasons why this AI research initiative is sounding a lot like the company is giving up!

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The Controversial AI Research Program of Meta

Mark Zuckerberg is determined to continue to invest in artificial intelligence-related technology to keep the pace of the current business growth levels. Thus, Meta is working on varied AI models through distinct AI research programs. In February 2022, Meta has lost half of its stock value in the global tech market due to the loss of daily active users. It has been weighed down by other social media platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and many more.

Meta is also working on its new model known as Open Pretrained Transformer or OPT for all non-commercial users including the release of its code and a logbook for the efficient and effective training process. It is similar to OpenAI GPT-3 model but removes its harmful features. The tech world is ready to accept an artificial intelligence language model with non-zero risk in terms of the reputation of Meta.

But Meta’s unique metaverse platform is helping to gain revenue from the loss of less than US$3 billion. Experts on the technology field have put forward opinion that Meta is investing significantly on the AI models to enhance the content discovery capabilities. But the recommendation system is not enough to pull back the tech quality of Meta. It is expected from Mark Zuckerberg to put investments in artificial intelligence to improve the recommendation system by increasing the advertiser returns on investment and pushing the revenue growth of this tech company.

Meta has announced the long-term AI research program for the better understanding of the method of how human brain processes speech and text with AI models. The company’s research program has found out that language models resemble the functionalities of a human brain to predict the next word through NLP. But tech experts feel that the quality of these AI models are declining and not reaching the standard benchmark of Meta in this competitive global market.

Meanwhile, the stock value of FAANG is also declining whereas Snapchat with the integration of virtual reality is gaining higher revenue in 2022. It can be said that Meta is not focused on customer experience or to attract engagement from the younger target audience. Thus, Meta needs to improve the quality and domain of its AI research programs to regain its falling glory in the global tech market.