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Meta’s Effort to Make AI Produce Thought from Language will End in Vain

  /  Latest News   /  Meta’s Effort to Make AI Produce Thought from Language will End in Vain
Meta's Effort to Make AI Produce Thought from Language will End in Vain

Meta’s Effort to Make AI Produce Thought from Language will End in Vain

The new language model of AI, OPT, might either be a major hit or a huge loss for Meta in the future.

Meta is known as the top hi-tech company in the world including one of the most popular social media platforms. It is gaining popularity for leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance user experience as well as user engagement. It is harnessing different areas of AI such as NLP to make AI models understand human behavior, pattern, and language efficiently and effectively. Thus, Mark Zuckerberg is focused on making an effort from Meta to make AI produce human thought from a language without any bias in race, gender, and geographical location. Let’s explore how experts are giving out opinions that Meta’s effort for making artificial intelligence models like OPT to produce thought from the language of humans can go in vain in the end.

Meta is focused on producing OPT or Open Pretrained Transformer as the closest competitor to OpenAI GPT-3 AI model. The aim of this new artificial intelligence model is to pick up the flaws of GPT-3 and enhance those in OPT. The move is to use OPT as the fully-trained large artificial intelligence language model through NLP for research purposes in the research community. Meanwhile, it has created concerns in the AI expert community about how the powerful technology can be built by small teams in multiple tech companies across the world.

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OPT can produce paragraphs of text and mimic human conversations efficiently and effectively.

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But this effort from Meta may go in vain because the tech stock value is declining due to the loss of innumerable users deactivating their accounts and OpenAI is thriving in the tech market with its constantly-evolving GPT-3.

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This AI model can consist of multiple flaws such as misinformation, toxic and abusive language, racism, sexism, and many more.

Meta wants to bridge the gap between universities and industries for more breakthroughs in the artificial intelligence and NLP domain. OPT will be available for non-commercial use with code and a logbook to document the whole training process. It is the same size as GPT-3 with more accuracy in producing thoughts from the language with a similar NLP model.

That being said, it has been a concern about the negative sides of artificial intelligence models with human language and behavior. It is expecting extreme transparency but the information in the global tech market shows that the effort of Meta to increase their declining revenue with the AI OPT model can again incur a huge loss in the future.