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  /  CXO Insights   /  Manzeera Solutions: Helping Companies Raise the Bar of Intelligent Decision Making

Manzeera Solutions: Helping Companies Raise the Bar of Intelligent Decision Making

Business intelligence is a core element of any modern business in the 21st century. It is constantly evolving and companies are increasingly adopting agile solutions to remain stable in the dynamic business environment. To help companies stabilize their business processes with intelligent solutions, UK-based Manzeera solutions is a company on our radar. Manzeera Solutions is shifting the focus on having a better competitive edge in the market with business intelligence. 

In an exclusive interview with the Managing Director, Maninder Singh, we had a conversation to find out more about Manzeera Solutions and what makes it one of the most trusted companies in the technology industry. 


A Little About the Company 


Founded in 2014, Manzeera Solutions is a consultancy, specializing in business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics. Manzeera Solutions works on providing real-time analytics, combining ERP extraction with the integration of unstructured data. Additionally, Manzeera specifically crafted the “Pentagon of Success”, the flagship best practice model of the consultancy, which ultimately shows clients their path to success. Manzeera Solutions is committed to constantly reviewing a market on the rising side of the curve and partnering with the most innovative BI platforms to provide only the best solutions to its clients.

“As a consultancy, we have developed our own flagship best practice models such as the ‘BI Pentagon of Success’. These methodologies provide a unique 360 degree-coverage analytics perspective for clients and make Manzeera unique when compared to its competitors”, said Maninder. 


The Seven-Year Entrepreneur Journey 


“After more than 15 years of experience in the field of business intelligence and advanced analytics, I decided to find my business Manzeera Solutions, an independent UK-based consultancy, focusing on be-spoke customer-oriented approaches”, answered Maninder when asked about the inception of the company.

 Manzeera Solutions was founded based on his professional journey, created to resolve numerous challenges and frustrations that he had encountered throughout his career, particularly around enhanced modernization and customization in the field of business intelligence. This is particularly important for small and medium enterprises, which constitute a significant proportion of the client base of Manzeera. The consultancy specifically focuses on the challenges faced by different organizations at the nexus of data, business intelligence, and IT, and this is the main mission to bring Manzeera’s clients to their full potential. 

“As the Founder, I implement a transformational leadership style. I interact with all my employees one-on-one and inspire them through effective communication and collaboration, initiating the path to success for the organization. I also am involved heavily with client accounts, ensuring success and maximizing value.”


What Constitutes Maninder’s Role as the CEO?


Maninder Singh diligently follows a set of core values and best practices that helps him fulfill his unique responsibilities towards the organization. 

According to Maninder, “Having a defined and well-structured Hexa-Model for best practices helps me to stay focused on my both short-term and long-term goals, besides ensuring to have a robust business model that can undoubtedly sustain during pandemic times like Covid”. His contributions towards the company include leading the development of the company’s short- and long-term strategy, assessing risks to the company, mitigating them, and ensuring they are monitored and minimized, creating and implementing the company vision and mission, setting up short-term and long-term goals, and defining Business and Corporate Strategy along with other executive leaders of the company.


Manzeera’s Contributions to the Industries 


A couple of the company’s contributions towards the industry and its business benefits to clients range from helping companies gain deeper insights, using tools of business intelligence to transforming raw data into value-added information. These contributions have helped organizations gain a competitive edge in the market with long-term stability and helps clients in making the right decisions at the business and corporate level. 


The Strategy that Helps Manzeera Stand Out


A holistic approach at Manzeera is what makes the consultancy truly unique. Innovative ERP Extraction Frameworks products such as GYD (Get Your Data) are combined with customized project management and business strategy to achieve the highest ROI (Return on Investment) and create a drastic positive impact for an organization.


“At an organizational level, we are trying to collaborate with technologically advanced and smart companies of all sizes to drive productivity and gain better business outcomes besides ensuring a win-win situation for both parties”, explained Maninder. 


The Hurdles Manzeera Crossed to Reach Success 


“As technology is a fast-growing and fast-changing industry, with new solutions and tools emerging each day, one of the major challenges that can also be seen as an opportunity for us, is to stay focused on constant innovation for our client-based solutions and work closely with our primary and secondary stakeholders throughout the process. This is to maximize profits and ensure the consistent growth of the organization”, said Maninder.

According to the Managing Director, Manzeera Solutions provides up-to-date technology while cutting down deployment time, optimizing efficiency, and drastically reducing long-term costs for its clients. Scalability has also been a challenge the company has faced and overcome and grew to expand the team whilst maintaining strict experience and quality control measures.


Notable Awards and Achievements 


Manzeera has been the recipient of prestigious awards like: 


  • The 20 Most Admired Companies of the Year, 2020
  • Corporate Excellence Award, 2020
  • Most Innovative Business Leaders, 2021
  • Featured in Analytics Insight, 2020


What Lies Ahead?


When asked about the future of the company, Maninder said, “We are striving to keep our investments aligned with the changes in the industry and the requirements of our clients, growing and shifting in line with the market. “

Manzeera is creating a strategy to expand the business geographically in a fast-growing market. Maninder shares that they are specifically focusing on regions where the demand for such innovative BI solutions is high, to stay competitive and reach as many clients as possible to deliver services to them, help them make better business decisions in this fast-growing and changing era.


Maximizing Success 

Manzeera Solutions is now focused on maximizing its success by keeping the core characteristics of the consultancy, which is known to be agile and dynamic in a constantly growing landscape. The growth of the consultancy will be in line with the BI market, with more companies, enterprises, and organizations looking at solutions to shape their BI competencies. Overall, Manzeera Solutions is looking forward to very exciting times ahead.