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Artificial intelligence moments

Looking Back: Top Artificial Intelligence Moments to Remember from 2021

Here are the top artificial intelligence moments to remember in 2021

It is just one month left to enter 2022, another year of leveraging furthermore advanced cutting-edge technologies to boost productivity and reduce pollution. 2021 has provided the world with a lot of artificial intelligence moments that will be memorable for years. AI models with machine learning algorithms have made our lives easier as well as advanced the world towards a tech-driven future. Let’s look back at the top AI moments from 2021 to relive those innovations and creativity.


Top artificial intelligence moments from 2021

AI chips: Launching AI chips is one of the top artificial intelligence moments from 2021. This development has advanced the computation to deal with complicated neural networks efficiently and effectively. There have been quite a few AI chips from reputed tech companies that have created AI moments from 2021 such as Google Tensor, NVIDIA A100, Intel Loihi 2, and many more.

AI-based chatbots: Chatbots with AI models have become highly important for organizations to provide 24*7 customer support instantly to meet customer satisfaction and gain better customer engagement. Launches of multiple AI-based chatbots are one of the top artificial intelligence moments in 2021. Some of these AI-based chatbots are known as Netomi, WP-Chatbot, Microsoft Bot, and many more.

AI-based smartphones: Smartphones are now highly crucial for living the fast-paced life while working almost all the time and staying connected. But AI models with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms infused in smartphones have created one of the top AI moments from 2021. Apple integrated the fastest and bionic A15 chip in a smartphone that provides a faster neural engine, Google Pixel 6 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, and many more.

AI model to predict the future:Meta or formerly known as Facebook has launched an AI model that can predict the future with the integration of machine learning algorithms and visual interpretation. This AI model is known as the Anticipative Video Transformer (AVT) that can analyze an activity to generate in-depth insights for augmented reality and the metaverse. This is one of the top artificial intelligence moments from 2021 to look back that can warn employees or organizations before committing any error in the nearby future.

Controlling a pandemic: Indeed, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has made 2020 and 2021— two most memorable years in a whole life. Millions of people died and got infected while the whole world took a pause with lockdowns without any prior discovered medicine. The implementation of artificial intelligence has transformed the healthcare sector in 2021 with smart mobile apps to track patients, whereabouts of citizens, inventing vaccines, tracking how many citizens received vaccines, which hospitals have beds, which hospitals are providing vaccines, and many more. AI models have also helped in detecting COVID-19 deterioration and which mammals are likely to spread the virus.