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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Next-Generation Psychedelic Drugs

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Next-Generation Psychedelic Drugs
Artificial Intelligence for psychedelic drugs

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Next-Generation Psychedelic Drugs

Why scientists are Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Modernised Psychedelic Drugs?

Artificial Intelligence technologies, are making a breakthrough in the healthcare sector across the world. It has enhanced the process and boost productivity in the healthcare sectors with innovations such as robots, virtual surgery rooms, new drugs and many more to help in saving patients. The world gets to hear a new Artificial Intelligence innovation in the healthcare sector each day for the welfare of society. That being said, let us look at how scientists are utilising Artificial Intelligence for identifying and developing new psychedelic drugs or PsyAI. The ground-breaking research on the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and psychedelic drugs can have an immense impact on the mental healthcare of society.

Psychedelic drugs are popularly known as hallucinogenic drugs that are used recreationally to modify and improve sensory perceptions, thought processes as well as facilitate spiritual experiences with chemicals like LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), DMT, Peyote, Khat and Psilocybin or magic mushroom. Serotonin causes hallucination to the next level and provides an altered experience of senses, emotions, body temperature, memories as well awareness of time. Psychedelic drugs are commonly used for recreational purposes to achieve an enlightened state of mind, spiritual pursuits in indigenous cultures, creative inspiration as well as therapeutic issues. The most common word used by the youths and millennials for these experiences from psychedelic drugs is trips. Trips start in 20 to 90 minutes of ingesting and last for 6 to 12 hours for each person.

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Bad trips are referred to the unpleasant experiences under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

Scientists from across the world have started discovering new psychedelic drugs by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. Screening tests need millions of molecules for side effects and efficacy. Cognistx has started working with a Canadian biotech firm, MagicMed to build PsyAI which is an Artificial Intelligence platform to modernise psychedelic drugs.

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PsyAI platform is required to evaluate more data from bench studies, nonclinical studies as well as clinical trials. The comparison between these real-time data can improve the predictive capability of PsyAI. Supercomputers and machine learning algorithms are producing next-generation psychedelic medicine to treat depression, addiction and mental health effectively. These modernised drugs can also help to transform the perspective of society towards mental health. MagicMed is also focused on building a large portfolio of patented 125 million molecules based on psychedelic drugs known as Psybary. The popular molecular pharmacologist, Dr. Bryan Roth, received US million from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for developing drugs that resemble psychedelic without any trips.

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Multiple scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Geneva have come together to test virtual psychedelic drugs on Artificial Intelligence known as Futurism and PssyPost report. They have discovered the process to create a digital version of DMT with the neural networks to generate images. The programmes created trippy scenes of hallucinations by distorting the created images.

There is a three-dimensional model of the serotonin receptor, for the drugs to bind together. The supercomputers take each drug and inserts in there and wait for the drugs to be clicked into the serotonin 2A receptor. This will indicate that the new drug will work as a psychedelic medicine.

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Hence, it can be seen that the blend of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms is rapidly transforming the pharmaceutical industry with the ground-breaking development for improving the health of society.