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e-Commerce bots

Know Top E-Commerce Bots in 2021 to Meet Customer Satisfaction

Global Tech Outlook features top E-Commerce bots to meet customer satisfaction in 2021

E-Commerce is thriving in the retail industry owing to the emergence of digital transformation and the creations of smart devices. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has proven the huge potential of E-Commerce where consumers prefer to use online mode to order or book products and services with seamless online payments within a short period of time. Cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have helped in developing E-Commerce bots to meet customer satisfaction and gain higher customer engagement. AI-based chatbots are providing profitable returns to multiple E-Commerce companies while maintaining all COVID-19 safety protocols. Let’s explore some of the top E-Commerce bots in 2021 for companies to utilize efficiently and effectively.


Top E-Commerce Bots in 2021


Ada is one of the top E-Commerce bots in 2021 that provides 24*7 seamless services to meet customer satisfaction. This is an AI platform focused on delivering the best-in-class digital shopping experience to increase conversion rates, higher revenue, and a long-term loyal customer base. The machine learning algorithms create an interactive platform to help brands connect with every potential consumer and instigate them to click on the checkout button for the ultimate shopping experience. This E-Commerce bot offers answers to 80% automated inquiries in more than 100 languages for a wide target audience and a 95% wait-time reduction on any E-Commerce platform. This is powered by conversational AI to predict the needs and wants of customers for assisting them from pre-purchase decisions to post-purchase journeys.



SMSBump is one of the popular E-Commerce bots to use in 2021 and is known as Bumpy. It is an enterprise-level SMS platform specifically designed for E-Commerce businesses. It provides the best customer engagement rate of any marketing medium by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This E-Commerce bot offers more than 35% of click-through rates that drive customer satisfaction and conversions with over 25 times ROI in the tech-driven future. It provides automation and segmented text marketing campaigns to create lasting impressions and the ultimate experience for customers.



WeChat is a Chinese E-Commerce bot focused on building customer relationships while allowing businesses to be friends with their loyal customers. This E-Commerce platform makes transactions easier for merchants with exciting and seamless payment features. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning has created this very intelligent chatbot for E-Commerce businesses in China. There are two types of WeChat bots— subscription account and customer service account. These categories help marketers observe the latest trends and wants of customers and make smart decisions on the next marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.


Shopify Messenger

Shopify Messenger bot is emerging as the top E-Commerce bots in 2021 where multiple E-Commerce businesses are integrating personalized services to ensure customer loyalty in the nearby future. The implementation of this chatbot for supporting customer inquiries for Shopify has yielded a higher ROI through online shopping. This AI chatbot is focused on fostering a better customer experience, building a more refined process of conversations, making the selling process easier, and utilizing the information stored in the machine learning algorithms.



Kik Messenger chatbot is a go-to channel for targeting Gen-Z efficiently and effectively with the implementation of AI and machine learning. It is known as a bot-friendly platform that integrates with multiple chatbot frameworks while leaning towards entertainment. It offers quizzes, fashion, pop culture, social games, and many more teen-centric activities. It is also emerging as a hub for adults involved in insurance, mortgage, wedding, and other activities and services.