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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Know Top Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Travel and Tourism

Know Top Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Travel and Tourism

Gobal Tech Outlook explores top applications of AI and machine learning in travel industry

The department of travel and tourism across the world faced a halt and incurred huge losses due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 21st century has welcomed digitalization through smart devices with the help of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning. These disruptive technologies have transformed the face of travel and tourism with their smart applications in travel for locals as well as tourists. Machine learning algorithms can make the process faster while maintaining social distancing protocols for the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s explore some of the top applications in travel of AI and machine learning to earn revenue in a country.


Top applications of AI and machine learning in travel

Predictive system: This is one of the top applications in travel with machine learning algorithms and AI. The predictive system helps tourists and passengers to book transports such as flights, cruises, trains, and many more at an optimal price. AI and machine learning can detect price anomalies and recommend passengers about the price hike and reasons for the increase. This smart application in travel will send notifications to passengers to alert them about the decrease in price, availability of seats, and many more.

AI Chatbots: The application of AI chatbots is essential in the travel and tourism department to gain higher customer engagement and meet higher customer satisfaction efficiently throughout the day. A hotel, transport service, and many more can provide full-fledged customer service to answer unique and personal concerns one by one within a very short period of time. It helps to reduce the workload on human employees and lets them focus on other important work to boost productivity. Customer relationship management is very crucial for the travel department.

User-experience:The combination of machine learning and AI provides a smart application in travel through user-experience on the official website. User-friendly pages and fast speed to the landing page satisfy passengers to share good reviews with their friends and families. Thus, it leads to higher customer engagement and helps to have a clear understanding of the needs, wants, and issues of customers for better customer service.

Fraud detection:One of the important applications of AI and machine learning is fraud detection efficiently and effectively with the help of NLP, machine learning algorithms, and computer vision. It can extensively analyze different datasets and detect any unusual behaviour from the end-point. This smart application in travel helps to prevent fraudulent activities throughout the year to create a safe environment for seamless transactions.

High-quality datasets: The integration of AI and machine learning has provided high-quality datasets to the travel and tourism industry. The machine learning algorithms seek better patterns in different types of data— structured, unstructured, and semi-structured to generate meaningful and promising in-depth insights on consumer trends in the current scenario. These data consist of minute details to build a better machine learning model for tourists and passengers with lots of different features to attract their eyes.