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Know the Top Quantum Computing Start-ups in India

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Quantum computing start-ups

Know the Top Quantum Computing Start-ups in India

India is in the quantum computing race with these top quantum computing start-ups

It is well-known that the global tech market is fully focused on developing more advanced innovations in the field of quantum computing. Quantum computers consist of ultrasmart functionalities that can help to untangle some undiscovered mysteries of the world and more scientific discoveries. India is highly interested in quantum computing where educational institutes have started teaching quantum mechanics and other parts of quantum computing to interested students. There are multiple globally-known tech companies and quantum computing start-ups researching and developing products for quantum computers. Let’s explore some of the top Indian quantum computing start-ups that are making India proud in this scientific domain.


Top quantum computing start-ups in India is one of the top quantum computing start-ups in India focused on engineering solutions to complicated problems with quantum principles. This Indian Quantum computing start-ups is breaking new grounds in quantum research and applications as a landmark achievement to applicable and large-scale quantum computers. It is determined to launch a quantum internet network along with multiple Quantum computing start-ups solutions like quantum communication and quantum memory. Qulabs India is known as India’s first and leading company in the quantum communication domain.


QpiAI Tech

QpiAI Tech is a Bengaluru-based Indian Quantum computing startup and is known as a quantum model generation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company. It also offers QpiAI ASGP for a hybrid classical-quantum computer known as AI system generating processor. Qpicloud is also a pioneering next-gen quantum computing and AI cloud computing. This quantum computing start-up in India offers a Quantum computing start-ups solution that contains ASGP hardware with a hybrid classical-quantum computing chip known as Optimus Prime.



Automatski is well-known in the quantum computing field for its entities like Automatski millennium space research organization, Automatski circuit quantum computers, Automatski adiabatic quantum computers, Automatski annealing quantum computers, and many more. It has built the world’s first unified scale Quantum computing startup simulations. It has also released the world’s most powerful 100,000+ qubits quantum annealing quantum computer.



QuanticaComputacao is a Chennai-based Quantum computing startup in India developing tools for the future quantum technology. It is an emerging quantum artificial intelligence platform to push advancements in quantum computers with a cloud developing environment. It is focused on developing quantum cryptographic tools for providing quantum-proof data security to Indian industries. Quantica offers products like a quantum virtual simulator known as Alchemy, state-of-the-art client-specific algorithms, and many more. It is a part of the AWS ecosystem as well as has a partnership with NASSCOM COE DSAI.


QNu Labs

QNu Labs is also a Bengaluru-based Indian Quantum computing startup and a leader in quantum-safe cryptography products and solutions. It is focused on developing next-generation security solutions to leverage the power of quantum computers for addressing cybersecurity problems.  It has become India’s first and the only quantum cryptography company to put India in the Quantum computing start-ups race. It leverages the principles of quantum physics to secure encryption key. QNu Labs offers a wide range of products such as Tropos, Armos, Qosmos, and Hodos.