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JANSON: When Smart Solutions Meet the Need of the Communication Industry

  /  CXO Insights   /  JANSON: When Smart Solutions Meet the Need of the Communication Industry

JANSON: When Smart Solutions Meet the Need of the Communication Industry

Using technology in communication has become a necessity now. As time passes, more technology-centered companies are innovating solutions that will facilitate enhanced and agile communications to motivate and inspires people. Realizing this need, JANSON is creating revolutionary solutions to redefine communication. The company specializes in helping its Defense market clients communicate their story and their value. JANSON has three core specialties. Firstly, it includes communications solutions, such as strategy, planning, messaging, media relations, and marketing.  Next are the facility solutions, which involve providing modernized and sustainable solutions for existing facilities among other things such as building out open, collaborative workspaces, sensor-driven climate, lighting controls, incorporating infrastructure, networking, museum-quality displays, and large-scale video walls that help reflect the client’s brand and story. Secondly, the company concentrates on communication solutions that involve unpacking the client’s story by providing them with communication strategy planning, digital outreach, digital engagement, visual design, video content, and so forth. And thirdly, is virtual solutions where JANSON is bringing interactive VR through its X3 platform and other capabilities so that users can virtually engage and experience and explore an environment, whether it is the client’s facility, different products, a training course, or a conference.


The Success Journey in a Nutshell

Although JANSON first began with a focus on the aerospace industry before transitioning over to defense markets the company’s core mission has always been to be singular in its focus on complex markets. Sometimes the competitors try to support different organizations within very disparate markets, but JANSON does not support that. Instead, it is laser-focused. The team studies the trends, the topics, and the landscape within the markets that it serves, and constantly tries to stay abreast of what is current, and this turns into a huge advantage for the company. At the same time, JANSON is not resting on what it was doing 10 years ago. The company’s baseline is still communications through which it helps its clients to tell their stories. For over a decade now, the company has been providing solutions within facilities, but now it also provides them with virtual solutions. As a part of this, the company is offering its new X3 high fidelity virtual platform that is already being purchased by customers. X3 helps customers showcase products, campuses, and future buildings using a virtual 3D experience and to be able to see, learn, and explore in a very engaging way.


An Engaging Leader Born Out of Challenges

Janet Chihocky is the CEO and Founder of JANSON. Her key contribution to the company and the industry is that she is not only highly engaged but is also driven by complex challenges. She sets the bar very high for her team in terms of passion, integrity, humility, generosity, and mission readiness and leads by example. The clients also agree that Janet has not changed as the company has grown. When Janet is on the phone with a client, they never feel like they are competing with someone else. Her hallmarks as a leader are that she is always engaged, always solutions, functionally involved, on-site, available, and very inspirational in leading the JANSON team.


Building a Safe and Scalable Virtual Ecosystem

The greatest innovations that JANSON is contributing are the facilities modernization and high-fidelity virtual solutions, says Janet. A key aspect of that is the company’s X3 digital platform, which allows its users to create everything from virtual environments, product portfolios, remote training, and open worlds to building a virtual twin of a facility to delivering live platform media streaming that is both scaled and secure. While working with JANSON, the team works with the client to expand their marketing through interactive storytelling and inculcates their storytelling directly into the remote user-driven environment. And this provides tremendous cost savings for clients. The X3 digital platform helps increase their customer reach and provides a tremendous amount of efficiency in terms of travel time and being able to communicate the right messages to the right audience at the right time. Janet opines, “Imagine being able to walk your customer through your facility, production line or host events and live presentations having never left the comforts of your home office. With the CRM integration, the X3 platform delivers an immersive environment that captivates, motivates, and inspires people to action.


Creating a Top-Notch Communication Infrastructure

Janet believes that disruptive technologies are critical to modernization for both the military and commercial customers, in terms of optimizing facilities and also in terms of using virtual environments to drive engagement. The company’s X3 digital platform and virtual capabilities are built on gaming technologies and CRM integration that rely on the latest disruptive technologies. With JANSON’s facilities solutions, it always makes sure that the clients have all the latest and greatest infrastructure possible, including the right cyberinfrastructure, so that the clients can truly operate at what feels like 5G on all levels. The smart sensor technology for lighting and climate controls brings all of this together, so everything is done automatically based on the people in the building, temperature, and so forth. She adds that the company also provides smart conference rooms that use iPads to schedule meetings and automatically update in Outlook. The system is very smart, it’s connected, and this is exactly what the company is bringing to DoD facilities that are in desperate need of being modernized and sustainable through energy efficiencies.


Partnerships at the Core of Driving Innovation

JANSON has several partners, but some of the key ones have enabled the company to innovate and be on the cutting edge for its solutions, claims Janet. We have some of the most cutting-edge 3D design teams that have worked on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. We have partnered with best-in-class IT and infrastructure to air quality improvement and occupancy sensor technology So by partnering with them, the company is bringing that kind of total integrated solutioning to its customers. Even though there are other partners, JANSON’s key criteria is always that the mission has to be No. 1 and only such driven candidates are taken on by the company. She highlights that they have to love the mission of the company’s clients.


Perseverance and Willingness: The Mantra to Overcome Downsides

Janet remarks that the biggest challenge that JANSON has faced was initially breaking into the DoD market when she as the CEO, had never served in the military. She adds that a lot of veterans, for good reasons, are able to have a little bit more agility and move with a lot more speed into this market because they have a network that they have built over 20 or 30 years. Janet did not have that and she was not willing to take on a partner to make the road easier, but she did have passion, perseverance, faith in God, and the willingness to work hard. She did not give up and all of those characteristics are now a huge part of JANSON’s mentality and output.


Reaching Milestones with Amazing Services and Solutions

Most recently, Janet was named among the 10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021 by Women Industry Era Leaders. One of JANSON’s greatest achievements is that it is working at the four-star level in different army commands and that is truly a testament to the company’s culture, passion, and commitment to the clients’ mission. Janet mentions that in fact, several of the company’s clients agree that they appreciate JANSON’s dedication. “JANSON is a company that is 100 percent committed to the mission. We never settle for the status quo. I push myself and my team to deliver the absolute best,” states Janet. She adds that the clients have also conveyed that the company always goes above and beyond their expectations. As GEN (Ret.) Ann Dunwoody, former commander of Army Materiel Command (AMC) noted, “JANSON was able to design, construct, and install a comprehensive branding program for our new HQ building on a timeline that I would have thought impossible. The results were stunning and bold.”


Towards New Horizons 

Janet implies that managing the growth will remain the company’s biggest challenge. JANSON is offering solutions that distinguish the company in terms of communications, facilities, and virtual solutions, but it will never stop being a storyteller, and that’s what makes it great. As we have stepped into 2022, the company is looking at potentially 35% growth, which is significant. It is also planning to reach US$20 million in revenues within the next 24 months. As for the defense industry, it is doing well despite budget cuts, but that is why the company’s solutions are smart and affordable. Janet states, “If we cannot save you money, then you do not need us. We should be saving you money, improving your bottom line, extending your engagement and impact through innovative solutions, increasing employee morale, and enabling your commanding leaders because we have provided a smart solution that enhances your state of readiness.”