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Crypto community

Is it True the Crypto Community has Psychopaths as Supporters?

Crypto community may have more population of psychopaths and narcissists as supporters

The highly volatile cryptocurrency market offers high risk while investing in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and many more. The crypto community is growing larger and larger across the world. Experts are conducting studies to understand whether or not psychopaths are becoming loyal crypto supporters in these recent times. Some crypto supporters are becoming obsessed with the features of the cryptocurrency market, despite its volatility and fluctuating moments. Let’s explore whether crypto and Bitcoin buyers are psychopath crypto supporters or not.

It is a surprise that this highly volatile cryptocurrency market is gaining popularity among the crypto community. The demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing at an increasing rate with highly speculative investments. There can be a relationship between the traits of psychopaths with the features of the supporters of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin supporters are getting attracted to the high risks as well as a high return on investment in the nearby future. Psychopaths have at least four personality traits such as narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism, as well as sadism. Bitcoin supporters are known for showing traits like FOMO and strong belief in conspiracy theories. FOMO is leading them towards the cryptocurrency market to be with the trend and society with cryptocurrency wallets.

One of the key traits of psychopaths is Machiavellians that love cryptocurrencies way over the top because of the decentralized system of blockchain technology. They do not want any central authority to rule over the financial system. The primary reason is that these psychopaths do not have any trust but hate the government agencies and authorities. Thus, the highly volatile cryptocurrency market and the crypto community are suitable for them without any government interference and rules and regulations.

The crypto community may have multiple narcissists as Bitcoin buyers in recent times. They are known for being overconfident to make risky investments in the cryptocurrency market. These psychopaths have huge faith in the future of the crypto community through which their lives will also be better with higher ROI from popular cryptocurrencies.

There are dark triad personality tests as well as sadism tests available for the crypto community to test whether they have the traits of psychopaths. Some psychopaths become obsessed with the cryptocurrency market and then plead guilty to earn years of imprisonment.

That being said, the study of Queensland University consisted of a subset out of millions of crypto supporters and Bitcoin buyers. Thus, there is no intention to hurt other crypto supporters that they all are a bit a psychopath. Yes, the crypto community will have to face sudden fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices without any central authority. This is the reason for the high popularity of the highly risky venture in the crypto community.