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InterWeave Smart Solutions: Making Complex Integration Efforts Simple with its Intelligent SaaS Platform

  /  CXO Insights   /  InterWeave Smart Solutions: Making Complex Integration Efforts Simple with its Intelligent SaaS Platform

InterWeave Smart Solutions: Making Complex Integration Efforts Simple with its Intelligent SaaS Platform

InterWeave Smart Solutions that occupies a significant position in the  list of “Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies to Watch in 2021”.  InterWeave devotes itself to business organisations holding highly distributed operations along with large partner and customer bases dealing with massive data. It also teams up with partners seeking simple Ssolutions for complex integrations and problems. 

InterWeave It holds it’s expertise in the provision ofn effective and sSmart Ssolutions and strategies with it’s unique SaaS technologyies to ensure a company’s integration efforts are perfectly respected and strengthened. 

A Robust and Unique SaaS Integration Platform

InterWeave Smart Solutions is said to be the most comprehensive Saa integration platform with “Smart Solutions” that integrate Enterprise Systems, Legacy Applications, Databases, Files, Content, and Web Services for CRM integration. With more than 15 years of experience in the market, InterWeave is designed to help enterprises, mid-market and non-profits quickly and affordably build, deploy and maintain integration Ssolutions. Fast, affordable, and tailored to meet the customers’ needs, InterWeave can jump-start or expand a company’s integration efforts, generating immediate business value and rapid ROI.

InterWeave has completed 8,000 CRM Configurations since 2006, and is ideally positioned to support clients and provide them with the expertise and knowledge regarding integrations they need.


A Jjourney of Growth and Progress since the Inception


InterWweave consultancy started it’s journey over 2015 years ago with a mission to craft intelligent, configurable CRM integration Ssolutions for customers. It works at leveraging comprehensive quotes, orders, payments and inventory processes within their CRM, while sourcing real-time data from Financial Applications, ACH/CC Payment Gateways, eCommerce, ERP, Databases and more. 

As InterWeave Started it’s journey it built the Enterprise Integration Engine and achieved a very prestigious first customer,  ACS of Dallas. it’s achievements were stretched by competitors like Tibco, Above All, See Beyond and others that were established, well-funded and successful. After meeting Salesforce in 2003,the company’s focus was sharpened as they were introduced to a new technology named SaaS. After three years, InterWeave presented its own SaaS Integration Model edition in partnership with Salesforce in 2006, hosted at Rackspace Managed Hosting.

 The Master of the Game 

Bruce Magown, the CEO, President, Board Member and Investor in Integration Technologies, Inc., and the creator of InterWeave Smart Solutions, is known to have delivered customer focused Ssolutions in response to the customers’ need in the digital age. Bruce is dedicated towards achieving customer satisfaction, holding a record of having achieved so much since the company’s ffirst CRM customer in 2006. 

Bruce who has emerged to be an experienced leader, prior to commencing his own venture, InterWeave,  has worked as the Chief Operating officer, Head of Audit Ccommittee, Iinvestor and Board Member of Uncommon Media Group. He has extended his experience by serving as the President and Chief Operating Officer for Knoa Corp. 

An Intelligent Service Provider

Being the integration Platform, InterWeave provides intelligent Cloud Integration for SaaS Companies. Having its focus fixed on three3 integration tenants, namely Financial Services Solutions, Payment Processors and Multi-Cloud integrations in most simple and configurable ways. , SaaS, SMB and Enterprise Customers manage their customer interactions with system specific business processes and workflow to provide an extraordinary customer experience.

Weave Stands Out On Customer Service

InterWeave Solutions iaren known because of it’s leading-edge Solutions supported by incredible customer service. Adding a cherry on the cake, the  firm also provides Solutions that allow the Customers to define their work-flow and business process dynamically, in a configurable way.

Teaming up with other CRM’s like Creatio, OROCRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, etc. has helped in the rebranding of InterWeave and has burnished it’s image as one of the most recognised SaaS Integration firms.

These are the primary compan stand out in terms of performance and service delivery. Bruce stresses on positive customer feedbacks as the most important award for the company. Additionally, the company has made several appearances amongst Business Sight’s 10 Most Achiever Companies, 2021. InterWeave as one of  the companies to make its place in the listings of Top Accounting Companies 2021 of Welp Magazines

 InterWeave Smart Solutions was one of the winners in New World Report’s Recognition of 2020 – Winners of the Software and Technology Awards. 


InterWeave made a second appearance in Business Sight’s 10 Most Remarkable Companies in 2020 along with Bruce occupying a significant position in Top Influential Business Leaders of 2020. 

InterWweave is focusedwishes onto creating a subsidiary expand it’s business toin Canada to better serve their Canadian clients. They are also opening operations in the heading towards United Kingdom to help their clients with their finely- crafted integrated Ssolutions, working closely with it’s CRM partners.