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Intelli Solutions: Providing End-to-End Digital Transformation Solutions to Enterprises

  /  CXO Insights   /  Intelli Solutions: Providing End-to-End Digital Transformation Solutions to Enterprises

Intelli Solutions: Providing End-to-End Digital Transformation Solutions to Enterprises

Founded in 2005, Intelli Solutions S.A. has an active multinational presence in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with 6 active subsidiaries (Athens, Greece – Belgrade, Serbia – Sofia, Bulgaria – Nicosia, Cyprus – Cairo, Egypt – Istanbul, Turkey) enabling its more than 500 customers to improve their customer interactions better, faster and more efficiently, based on a fully digital approach. Over the last 15+ years, the company has developed complete products and solutions suite by using technologies such as AI and machine learning and keeps investing heavily in R&D.

The expertise of the company and its proven success record in delivering complex projects for enterprise customers with the highest customer satisfaction levels possible, allows it to act as a Trusted Advisor that delivers quantifiable benefits for its customer base.

Intelli Solutions has been very active for the past years in Digital Transformation solutions and has introduced a very specific framework for cooperation with large enterprises. As described above, its approach is to first analyze possible difficulties and ensure the added value for all stakeholders of a digital transformation program. Intelli Solutions explores the nature and history of the new demand and then identifies ways to incorporate key digital principles and review how the new approach will fit into new or existing business models. More specifically, the company’s proposal offers an integrated set of solutions in the following three core areas that are related to Digital Transformation:

  •       Customer Engagement
  •       Business Retention
  •       Revenue Assurance

The company reported positive financial growth so far. Improving productivity and profitability has been an important part of its strategy, while at the same time it continues to invest in future growth initiatives. Additionally, Intelli Solutions is very focused on QA and keeps being compliant with all local regulative directives and processes thus, being able to serve its customers with quality and precision.

The Journey So Far

Intelli Solutions’ initial mission was to enhance the corporate value of its customers in a quantifiable manner and in optimal time. Its motto was “Trusted IT Advisor” and recently has evolved in “We orchestrate your Digital Transformation”. Based on these terms the company has been established as a Business Software Consultancy firm that helps organizations transform digitally with smart solutions, which can provide significant value to the operating areas (Customer Engagement, Business Retention, Revenue Assurance).

The company’s objective is to help its customers make sense of complexity and do their jobs better. It is closely monitoring, mainly the financial and telecom markets, having developed extensive knowledge in the area of digital transformation, thus offering its customers end-to-end solutions enabling them to be able to deliver a seamless digital experience with concrete and quantifiable benefits. Furthermore, the company has a profound knowledge of the needs and opportunities existing in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa markets as it is among the leading software consulting companies in the specific geographical area.


An Experienced Leader

Panos Gialelis has been the Co-Founder and Head of the Group since 2005. He had an evolving management career, which started 30 years ago in multinational companies such as Microsoft and Vodafone, holding senior executive positions in Marketing, Sales, and General Management. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA and has been a keynote speaker in many large conferences and forums regarding Internet, e-Business, telecommunications evolution, and digital transformation.

Panos’ objective is to work together seamlessly. He stays on top of what is going on within the industry and very focused on the following three main areas: 

Adding New Offerings. One of the most obvious ways in expanding the business is to add new products or services to the mix. As a business owner, Panos has established specific processes for the company to always evaluate the market and look for new opportunities.

Moving Into New Markets. The new market could be customers in a different location from where the company’s existing customers are or a different market segment within its existing location.

Strong Team of Employees. To handle growth, the company’s staff needs to be ready for additional work, new demands, and new challenges. Panos believes that engaged and satisfied employees result in pleased customers and business success.


Beneficial Factors Leading to Growth and Success

Being active in the digital transformation business, Intelli Solutions has observed that many of the companies face significant difficulties to make that digital leap.  As a result, it has an insider’s perspective on the biggest challenges these companies face when taking on transformation projects and, therefore work proactively in preparing the right conditions and processes in order to overcome them.

In every digital transformation project engagement, the company explores the challenges such as organizational resistance to change, lack of a clear vision for a digital customer journey, ineffective use of customer data, and inflexible technology and development processes. Thereafter, it comes up with the right digital transformation processes to overcome these challenges. Furthermore, the company studies the customer market of the clients to understand the unmet needs of end-customers and what the competitors are doing. After that it determines ten to fifteen key attributes and KPIs such as customer journeys, time-to-market/time-to-service, new revenue streams from existing and additional sales models, and others for a successful digital transformation project execution.

For every project, the company performs a detailed business analysis based on workshops with all stakeholders, analyzing the current customer journeys and designing the new ones. It also incorporates its Software, which includes the following main modules, per core area:

  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Digital Customer Onboarding
  3. Document Verification & Processing
  4. E-Signature
  5. Business Retention
  6. Customer Reward & Campaign Management
  7. Loyalty & Analytics Program
  8. Knowledge Base & One Customer Solution
  9. Revenue Assurance
  10. Debt Management & Recovery
  11. Credit Scoring
  12. Digital Payments

It is also important to note that most of the company’s customers are served centrally through cloud versions and outsourcing methodologies. As a result, its software solutions are developed in such a way that they can be easily installed, deployed, and used by all the customers through Intelli’s SaaS platform. 

Unique Traits of the Company

Panos believes that the most important differentiation factor for the company is the fact that its service is offered through an end-to-end, long-term trusted relationship with the customers covering not only the software package solution but also the related Business Consultancy services which are continuously providing business and financial value.

Intelli last year announced the launch of a unique and innovative SaaS service providing an end-to-end digital customer onboarding solution, which is called idbox™.

The new service allows any company or organization (banks, telecommunications providers, insurance companies, retail companies, energy providers, shipping companies, hotels, etc.) to instantly build a digital customer flow (new or existing). It also enables the remote authentication and registration process for a service or product purchase in just a few minutes, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

The whole new customer activation process is now digitally transformed via idbox™. The service is based on AI, Image Processing, Machine / Deep learning technologies and is available in the cloud at 24×7 level, offering ID Verification, Document Verification and remote e-Signature capabilities.

The service fully covers all the regulatory requirements of the European Union as well as the relevant regulatory bodies in local markets, and it has received significant distinctions at the European level from reputable analysts.

Most industries are now positively impacted by the need for digital transformation, which has recently been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer needs and expectations are now driving change. Customers want to be able to sign up for a new service, buy a product, and open a new bank account anytime, anywhere, in minutes. Through the experience the company has developed, after a series of successful implementations, it believes that it is possible to offer significant value addition to companies and organizations that want to take advantage of the possibilities offered by a complete Digital Onboarding solution.

Awards and Achievements

Intelli Solutions has been honorably recognized with a series of international awards, namely: Top 50 Smartest Solutions Worldwide of the Year 2019 – Silicon Review Magazine, Top 10 Digital Customer Experience Solution Providers for 2019 in Europe – CIO Magazine, Top 10 Best Digital Solutions by Tech Review in 2019 – Tech Review, Top 25 FINTECH Solution Providers in Europe in 2018 – CIO Applications, and Best Innovative Digital Transformation Product in Greece in 2018 – Bite Awards.

The company has provided digital transformation solutions to many large enterprises in the Financial, Utility, Telecom, Betting, Insurance, and Retail sectors, being thus a multi-sector Solution provider. Its solutions are currently used by large enterprises in southeast Europe, Middle East, and Africa, which amongst others are OTE Group, Telecom Austria, Vodafone, Wind Hellas, Groupama, Uniqa, Alpha Bank, NBG, Eurobank, OTP Bank, OPAP, Betano, and COSCO. Being a successful Trusted IT Advisor in so many large enterprises is one of the most important achievements for the company. All these clients’ feedback, testimonials, and trust are the most notable value for the company as it has been none other than a customer-oriented solution provider.

Overcoming the Challenges

“We live in an era of risk and instability. Globalization, new technologies, and greater transparency have combined to upend the business environment,” says Panos.

Intelli Solutions was established 16 years ago and during this journey, it faced a lot of challenges such as the financial crisis in Greece and the Arab Spring. It took place in the Middle East and North Africa, at the beginning of 2010 and 2011. At the same time, the company had to face a significant level of uncertainty, and find solutions in a series of challenges such as:

How can the company apply to frameworks that are based on scale or position when it can go from market leader one year to follower the next?

  • When it’s unclear where one industry ends and another begins, how does the company even measure position?
  • When the environment is so unpredictable, how can the company apply the traditional forecasting and analysis that are at the heart of strategic planning?
  • When the company is overwhelmed with changing information, how can its managers pick up the right signals to understand and harness change?
  • When change is so rapid, how can a one-year—or, worse, five-year—planning cycle stay relevant?

Intelli Solutions managed to thrive and act on signals of change. It has worked on experimenting rapidly, frequently, and economically—not only with products and services but also with business models, processes, and strategies. 

The Future Ahead

According to Panos, in the future, Intelli Solutions S.A. will work to accelerate revenue growth by increasing investment in its most promising opportunities as well as improving its customer experience. Having completed the transformation of its software to a SaaS model and adopted a concrete digital transformation consulting role, the company is even better able to focus on serving its customers and generate new significant business growth in the coming years. It is also launching a number of initiatives designed to eliminate customer pain points, simplify policies and practices, and equip its sales force with world-class tools and technologies. The company wants to make it easier for its customers to do business with them, and easier for its employees to deliver to customers.

Especially based on the new Digital Customer OnBoarding solution – idbox™ – the company currently sees a significant prospect in the targeted markets and is ready to grab this opportunity by accelerating significant growth for the company and its shareholders.  Intelli Solutions is incredibly proud of what its organization stands for and what it has delivered so far, but it is even more excited for what the future holds for Intelli.