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Integrating AWS Tools has Helped Koala Deliver the Best Customer Experience

  /  AWS   /  Integrating AWS Tools has Helped Koala Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Integrating AWS Tools has Helped Koala Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Koala integrated AWS services to enhance productivity and deliver an advanced customer experience


Koala is a leading Australia-based global e-commerce furniture brand. The company specializes in delivering new furniture quickly to the customer’s door and offering a 120-day trial service for people to test mattresses and other products before purchasing. To better serve its customers, Koala wanted to create a new solution that featured more frequent product updates and shipping information. Using the company’s previous architecture, developers sometimes struggled to roll out new features in a timely fashion. 

The developer team and other collaborating teams were unable to create new solutions that featured old stack technology. The company needed to be more agile and quickly deliver a feature-rich customer experience. 



For several years, Koala successfully ran its primary e-commerce website on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for data storage and Amazon CloudFront as its global content delivery network (CDN). Specifically, Koala saw that AWS would integrate seamlessly with commerce tools, the cloud-based commerce technology solution it chose to power its new platform. Koala uses Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to automate scaling and Amazon CloudFront for CDN capabilities. The newly built Koala e-commerce platform supports websites for the Australian, Japanese, and South Korean markets.

Koala developers more easily created the new platform because of the integration of AWS with third-party technologies. Koala’s software engineers rely on AWS Fargate, a serverless compute engine that automates virtual server management. With AWS Fargate, Koala is supporting its continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and reducing overall software development time.



Koala has reduced the effort required to launch new products and update the site by using AWS, which gives content producers complete control and eliminates the need for engineering resources. By running its new e-commerce platform on AWS, Koala can better serve its global customers. Koala will continue using AWS to expand globally, launch new products, and create new features that support the company’s customer-first approach.