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IBM’s AI Initiatives are Failing: Will the Tech King Shatter Soon?

Is it too soon for IBM to face failure or need to work on its AI initiatives in 2022?

IBM is one of the top hi-tech companies in the world with the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT, and many more. This company is highly known as the tech king in the global tech market that leverages AI models. It is proficient in taking AI initiatives to make the world a better place by reducing the workload and increasing productivity. But, there is a decline in making AI initiatives in part of IBM in recent times. The idea and quality are deteriorating around its artificial intelligence initiatives and many other different models. Let’s explore whether there is a possibility of this tech king, IBM, to disintegrate soon because of the high-level competitors.

AI initiatives of IBM

Artificial intelligence and IBM go hand in hand in this global tech market. AI models tend to flourish across the world with their smart functionalities. There are multiple AI initiatives from IBM that have gained too much popularity within a short period of time. The tech king was thriving in the market with substantial revenue and loyal customers. It has gained sufficient customer engagement and brand loyalty— many aspiring tech professionals have the desire to work at IBM for a long period of time to gain hands-on experience in the global tech market.

IBM is known for its breakthrough AI models that are used to create a sensation in the field of artificial intelligence across the global tech market. The tech king launched IBM Watson which almost every techie has a certain understanding about. IBM created a series of acquisitions with the Watson technology as a cloud-based service for every needed company.


Bad clouds over IBM AI models

But, despite having such a successful brand name in the field of artificial intelligence, the revenue of IBM started declining with substantial debt and disappointed stakeholders. Stakeholders keep their hopes high on the u-turn of IBM and its AI models to bring some revenue without any error or trouble. The tech king took multiple AI initiatives such as acquiring an open-source software company to be a competitor of Microsoft. But the competitive profile showed a disastrous negative direction at the end of the quarter. It also started to manage IT services to bring some light to the accounts. But it roughly collected a quarter of its total sales.

IBM Watson was supposed to transform the global tech company. Now it has all gone in vain— no impact on any industry as well as no improvement in profits. The stock price of the tech king is decreasing day by day. It has come up with an artificial intelligence sales strategy to distract the media attention from the IBM Watson failure in recent times.

That being said, it can be said that IBM or the tech king has reached the inflection point where the consumer interest, as well as the stakeholder interest, are higher and overwhelming for AI models and the AI initiatives in recent times. Since there are multiple competitors in the market, IBM needs to implement its strategies in a very careful way.