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Huawei unveils Plans to Build industry Intelligent Twins

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Huawei Shenzhen intelligent twins cloud AI

Huawei unveils Plans to Build industry Intelligent Twins

Huawei Announces Intelligent Twins and Works with Partners for All-Scenario Intelligence


Huawei Technologies Co is planning to leverage the current opportunity to expand its intelligent solutions offering for its major clientele base. Earlier this month on Huawei announced the Intelligent Twins, which is the first time a systematic reference architecture is proposed for the intelligent upgrade of governments and enterprises. Customers and partners of Huawei can build their own intelligent solutions based on the Intelligent Twins to enable intelligent transformation across industries for all-scenario intelligence. At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, the company claimed these solutions would help deliver intelligent connectivity characterized by ubiquitous gigabit, deterministic experience, and hyper-automation to build industry Intelligent Twins.

As per the official blog, Intelligent Twins will be based on cloud and AI concepts as the foundation and core. By collaborating the cloud, network, edge, and device, Intelligent Twins enable an intelligent, open system capable of all-dimensional perception, all-domain collaboration, precise judgment, and continuous evolution, delivering a smart experience people, cities, and enterprises in all scenarios. This Intelligent Twin has five major requirements for connectivity. These are high reliability, zero packet loss, differentiated services, high real-time bandwidth, and smart O&M. Moreover, Huawei defines that ubiquitous gigabit, deterministic experience hyper-automation are the three primary characteristics of intelligent connectivity. First was made possible due to an enormous swathe of AI cameras, drones, industrial cameras, and industrial VR/AR services. Huawei mentions that deterministic connectivity is vital to the security while the reliability of enterprise services and hyperautomation will be brought up by Big Data and AI applications.

At the event, Huawei also identified four key components of Intelligent Twins and three connectivity scenarios for the technology. The four components are intelligent interactions, intelligent connectivity, intelligent applications, and the intelligent hub. Among these, intelligent connectivity is like the body of Intelligent Twins. Coming to connectivity scenarios, these are:

  1. Connectivity within the intelligent hub, like the connection of AI cluster servers and cloud data centers. 
  2. Connectivity between the intelligent hub and intelligent interaction devices, connecting the “brain” and the “limbs,” so to speak, says Huawei.
  3. Connectivity between intelligent interaction devices: this can include the connection of AI cameras, 4K drones, and robotic arms

At this event, Shenzhen and Huawei together announced Shenzhen Intelligent Twins. The project would focus on developing an integrated deep learning system for citywide coordination, creating a smart city that is perceptive, conscious, evolvable, and familiar. This project is believed to accelerate the intelligent transformation of Shenzhen to new levels. Driven by data as the foundation, Shenzhen Intelligent Twins will leverage emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, IoT, big data, AI, and blockchain to build a system including an intelligent service network, applications, intelligent hub, data interaction system, and intelligent infrastructure. This will build an integrated, data-driven deep learning system for citywide coordination, setting the gold standard for Digital China. This event was also attended by China University of Petroleum and China FAW Group, with their success cases of Intelligent Twins for the oil and gas industry and manufacturing.