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How Women Can Succeed in this Digital Revolution

Digitalization offers a variety of opportunities for female empowerment and a more equal female participation in labor markets, financial markets, and entrepreneurship. The digital revolution, characterized by artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and mobile robotics could improve female participation in economic life and enhance the economic and social autonomy of women. The legacy of their business for the next generations is very important for women to feel successful, as well as the social impact of their enterprises. Women entrepreneurs need access to finance, digital tools, and skills.

When it comes to leading digital transformation initiatives, 48% of female leaders are comfortable with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and Blockchain. The success of women in e-commerce attests to the power of digital technologies to level the economic playing field, to the benefit of individual women, their communities and societies, and the world economy. To ensure these women entrepreneurs can survive and thrive in the digital economy, they need access to three critical enablers: capital, digital tools and skills, and a supportive environment so they can access and use these tools to their fullest.


Women needed capital and the skills:

Skill development is a key to improving employability and income-earning opportunities for women and for enhancing sustainable rural development and livelihoods. Social outcomes are reflected in indicators of income inequality and poverty. And she needed capital and skills in online commerce to expand to new markets. Skills development offers a means of broadening occupational choices, but higher shares of women in training occupations do not automatically translate into higher shares of female employment in those fields. The women’s skill development program takes a holistic, multifaceted approach to connecting women to the resources and networks they need to remain resilient and grow.


Break down gender inequalities:

Socially constructed obstacles that obstruct a particular group of people by gender bias. Women face several challenges in accessing and completing quality education and training, and more so in transitioning to decent employment. The difficulty women experience networking with male colleagues and senior male executives is a major culprit behind women’s lack of advancement. Women are often left without the male connections and mentors that are critical for career success. So well designed working environment to overcome the range of existing barriers and allow for flexibility in their response to meeting different needs, and is effectively positioned to address questions of status and challenge social perceptions.


Actions of government:

women in leadership positions will help dismantle the socio-economic obstacles that hold them back. Governments must work to create a favorable environment for women-led small and micro businesses, including lowering the cost and risk of lending to women, ensuring connectivity and internet access is a public good, and enacting policies that promote women’s socio-economic autonomy. Actions towards ensuring sustainable employment and income generation for marginalized and asset-less rural and urban poor women across the country, improving women’s educational opportunities and access to STEM jobs, promote global legal reform to combat gender discrimination in other countries.