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  /  Latest News   /  How to Track a Phone: 5 Finest Cell Phone Tracker Apps
How to Track a Phone: 5 Finest Cell Phone Tracker Apps

How to Track a Phone: 5 Finest Cell Phone Tracker Apps

Want to know the best cell phone tracker options in 2022, inside and out? Read on and discover the top features and free alternatives in this article.

Top 5 Cell Phone Tracker Apps in 2022

In the 21st century, it’s hard to find an adult who doesn’t understand how critical it is to be safe online. Therefore, the most vulnerable group in the eyes of Internet intruders are kids who do not realize all the danger that lies in wait for them. It comes from various scammers and criminals, as well as bullying trolls or dangerous sites that may contain content inappropriate for children. That is why their gadgets must be protected in the first place.

If you run a company, you can agree that tracking corporate cell phones is very important, especially if your employees have access to shared work accounts online. Or, perhaps, you have been tormented by suspicions about whether your soulmate is faithful to you. In any case, you cannot do without a phone tracker app, so if you decide to use the features of one of those phone monitoring applications, let’s explore some of the most reliable in 2022:


 uMobix – Advanced Cell Phone Monitoring Tool

Let’s start with uMobix – this phone spy software is currently considered the best of its kind, so it is not for nothing that it leads our top. This is spyware created for parental control. It is known as one of the most powerful choices in the market that can be installed on both Android and iOS.

Whenever you decide to start using this software on your devices, you must create an account to launch this app. For this:

  • Open the application and register. Then, you need to select a subscription. Remember that it will be cheaper per unit time if you buy a longer subscription.
  • After that, you need to take the target device and install the spy there. When working with iPhone, you have to give access to the iCloud, if it’s an Android – just install the application.
  • That’s all! You can now start tracking the target gadget.

There are several subscription options that you can choose in the app so that you can cherry-pick the one that suits you best. uMobix has many beneficial options that will help you make tracking absolutely invisible.

With Mobic, you will conveniently get access to all the information from an Instagram account on the target phone. Moreover, you can not only monitor but also manage content; for example, block inappropriate content. You may also check personal messages and media distributed in a personal or public post. In general, uMobix lets you run the account as if it were yours.

Last but not least, working with uMobix is ​​very simple – the toolbar in the application is very clear, so you can easily switch between tracking the phone’s location, messages, and more.


GEOfinder – Universal Phone Tracker for All Devices

The next spyware in our guide is called GEOfinder. If you need to track several completely different gadgets, this is a great cell phone tracker because GEOfinder can be used on all types of devices, including computers with either Windows or Mac operating systems. The application allows you to check the real-time location of the target device, plot a route to it, and even shows the distance left. That is why, if you are looking for a simple location tracking app with no extra features, consider GEOfinder – it’s a great GPS monitoring variant.


Hoverwatch – Powerful Android Tracker

Another top phone tracker is Hoverwatch. This spy lets you monitor different types of devices, and in addition to location monitoring, it has a lot of other features. For example, you may see messages and calls on the target phone, and also view photos. A feature that distinguishes Hoverwatch from its competitors is that it gives you the ability to keep track of several gadgets at once – you can choose one of them on the panel in the application.


Cocospy – Multifaceted App for Remote Surveillance

Cocospy is also one of the most popular and powerful phone trackers. The application is known for being considered the most inconspicuous in operation – its effect is not even reflected in the rapid use of battery power, so tracking will be as hidden as possible and virtually impossible to determine. Cocospy has a policy of transparency of its work, so by default, it notifies the device’s owner that they are followed by its icon. But after installing the app, you can just delete it, and then the tracking will be completely invisible. Also, the process of installation does not take more than 5 minutes, and its use is extremely simple.

The price of Cocospy is one of the most affordable on the market, but the program’s features are not inferior to even more well-known competitors. It is also worth noting that the price of the Cocospy cell phone tracker is always stable, but every now and again developers add new features and bonuses for users.


SpyBubble – Ultimate Tracker for Spouses

And the last on our list but no less good top cell phone tracker is SpyBubble. This is an incredible application for monitoring your kid’s and spouse’s devices because you will not find such features of remote control anywhere else. SpyBubble lets you not only check the content on the target phone but also manage it. For example, with SpyBubble, you can even delete programs installed on the gadget without even having direct physical access to it.

It may seem that the application with such features is quite difficult to use and suitable only for professionals, but no – its use is quite easy, and you can do it, even if you are a complete novice


Free Alternatives for Tracking a Phone

Of course, paid phone tracking programs have many possibilities, and their work is particularly clean and smooth. However, you may not be sure whether the spyware suits you and whether you need one at all. Therefore, you may look into some free alternatives for tracking a device to try using spyware applications without extra cost:


Google Maps

Google Maps is probably the easiest and best-known way to track the target phone’s location; however, using Google Maps to spy on the gadget unnoticed is impossible.


Find My for iOS

Find My for iOS is an alternative for owners of smartphones with the software from Apple developers. With it, you can let your friends and family who also use iPhones check your location. In addition, you can use parental restrictions.


Find My Device for Android

If you are the Android owner and want to install a tracker just to be able to find your phone at any time, then the free application “Find My Device” will do it perfectly. This is a good alternative if monitoring activity on other people’s gadgets is not your goal.



WhitePages is essentially a website for finding people online, but similarly to other people searching sites, it can definitely do much more. WhitePages has turned out to be extremely useful while the coronavirus pandemic due to its huge and detailed information databases, but the online version can also be used for many other reasons. This includes the precise definition of everything from fraud ratings to providing search statistics. WhitePages helps people connect with each other; it also has other handy tools, such as reverse phone lookups to check who’s calling you.

In WhitePages, you can try the WhitePages Free option, which offers a limited basic search for real addresses, landlines, and relatives.


IMEI Tracker

Using the IMEI number is another way to find a lost phone. However, this does not apply to all gadgets, but only those that have GPS enabled for the period of loss. In this case, a data transfer occurs, through which all the important information will be available by IMEI. It is noteworthy that even with a SIM card out, the smartphone will still be able to share information. Therefore, if your phone falls into the hands of a robber who decides to get rid of all the related problems in such a simple way, the chances of getting your phone back will remain.

Another important rule is to contact professionals immediately. If you have never tracked your phone via IMEI, you won’t solve this problem quickly. It is best to contact law enforcement and your service provider. Thus, your problem will be solved much faster.

if you are determined to figure it out on your own and use the program to find your smartphone, then it is best to give preference to already proven ones. Those based on searching for the datayou enter yourself will be the most effective. You can also find your lost smartphone from any computer. To do this, you still need a special program. It will use your IMEI code to find the gadget’s location via satellite.

Still, keep in mind that without a pre-installed program on a lost device, a search will hardly be possible. Therefore, it is better to think of security immediately after buying a smartphone and installing a special application. Most often, they are offered together with anti-virus programs.


CNAM Lookup

CNAM Lookup provides you with the names of those who own unknown phone numbers. If you want to use this method, you have to enter the number in the search line in the app and click “check”. This program can also display the caller’s name on the smartphone screen.



So, there are many ways of monitoring someone’s phone. There are specialized cell phone tracker apps with a large range of possibilities, and there are also some free alternatives. Obviously, spyware applications will have more features and let you follow devices unnoticed. Also, with most of them, in addition to the actual gadget tracking, you will be provided with access to other types of data on the target phone: you can view personal messages, photos, contacts, calls, and more. Of course, free applications will not give you such wide opportunities, so in our opinion, specialized spyware is the best choice.



Can I track a cell phone location without a person’s knowledge?

Luckily, you can locate someone’s gadget without them knowing – there are special spyware programs with many peculiar features. The best of them are presented in this article.


Can I find my device if it is turned off?

Yes, with the help of certain spyware programs, you will be able to find a phone even if it is turned off. Moreover, you can do this with some free alternatives; for example, on the iPhone, you must turn on the “Find Me” feature in the settings. You need to switch on “Find my network” and that’s it – now you can locate your iPhone even if it’s off.


Is it legal to locate someone’s device without them knowing?

Yes, because most cell phone tracker programs are designed specifically for parental control, their use is perfectly legal. Also, some applications require mutual consent for tracking, which also ensures the fairness of their use.


Why should I buy phone tracker software?

Obviously, the reasons for monitoring someone else’s phones can be varied; for example, you want to ensure your children’s safety, check your significant other, or need to track the corporate phones of your subordinates. Quite possible that you will need spyware to locate your personal devices.

One way or another, the importance of phone tracking programs in the age of Internet technology is hard to overestimate. And, of course, specialized applications with a lot of features cannot be completely free. But don’t worry – many of such apps have trial versions and different rates, so you can choose the one that suits you