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  /  Latest News   /  How to Break Free of the Conventional Marketing Practices?

How to Break Free of the Conventional Marketing Practices?

Why is it important to think “out of the box” ideas in marketing if you want to engage with customers effectively? It isn’t enough to stay in stride with your competitors if you are aiming at success and engagement.

Oftentimes companies prefer to follow the tried and tested approaches in marketing to play safe. These approaches are traditional and have proven to do enough to sustain and survive the crunch.

 The real question is: Is surviving the marketing crunch enough for companies to retain customers? How can they break free of the conventional to design marketing campaigns invoking non-traditional marketing channels and strategies?

Customers’ demands and expectations from your brand should be guiding your marketing strategies and not the other way around.

Some of the non-traditional marketing channels and platforms to be explored are:

Marketing strategies will have to make use of the trending platforms in a never before creative way. These channels are new to marketing and therefore should be explored for potential benefits.

Over-The-Top (OTT) Channels

Consumers are inclined toward the OTT channels as it gives them the freedom to stream content on their own terms and schedules. OTT gives brands the creative liberty to forge a direct relationship with the consumers through live and on-demand videos. This can be a great marketing tool as the room for creativity will allow you to come up with something that grabs the attention of the customers.

The Transition from Copywriting to Microcopy

Copywriting is an art that marketers are most grateful for. It definitely is about the king and copywriting is all about content but now is the time to revive the concept to “Microcopy”. In today’s short attention span, microcopy is a more fitting concept and one that can satisfy the customers’ expectations and demands. Microcopy is important as it captures the audience’s attention at varying stages of the journey, from the top of the funnel to conversion to engagement.

Explore Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are heavily used and often get the most traction from customers. People of all age groups use different social media platforms and this can be huge for marketing and reaching out. Instagram for one has become an extremely popular and important platform for marketing. All it needs is one properly done post.

If you’re a small eCommerce business, your best bet at marketing is social media platforms and channels. Social media has given immense power to brands and consumers alike. Brands get to project their image online while consumers get to choose from plenty of options available online.

The World of Podcasts

People have always been more prone to visuals and audio than reading something. Podcasts have become a very popular phenomenon lately and one that garners traction and an opportunity for brands to market themselves to their targeted audiences.

Podcasts are essentially a way to build a direct relationship with your customers. With a podcast, you can showcase who you are, what your passion project is about, and what it has for the customers. This is a great way to build a connection of trust and mutual understanding with the customers about your product and your passion.

Facebook and Instagram Live

Facebook and Instagram live are great options if you’re a good speaker and communicator. You can use these two options to hold a conversation with your audiences and market your product. Co-branding activities can be done using these platforms as it lets you come live in collaboration with other people as well.

Your Own Brand Voice

Times have progressed. We have talking devices fully customized to our needs. These devices work on our voice commands. The devices follow our instructions and talk back as well. For example, Alexa communicates with customers and consumers as to what they want and how they want it. Consumers for voice marketing are there but there’s still a gap, an opportunity for marketers to create an Alexa skill for their company. Create your brand’s literal voice.

Humanize Your Message

Digital videos are a great option to communicate with your consumers. Videos give an edge as they humanize the message and resonate with the public. You can include your employees, clients, work ethos and so much more. This will allow you to communicate with a mass population and market your brand to the targeted audience.

Short Videos

Platforms like TikTok and Snack video have revolutionized content creation. The platform gets traffic from varying age groups and increases your chance of reaching out to your prospective consumers. People have less attention span and these platforms work around this very phenomenon and capture people’s attention through short videos.

Create short videos and introduce your brand to a wide audience on these platforms. These will prove to be the future of marketing as expected from their ever-growing popularity.

The Era of Unboxing!

This is the era of the unboxing experience. Brands are investing in packaging and making the experience memorable for their shoppers. The packaging is your first impression on the customers and it might excite them into posting the experience on their socials.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer culture is on the rise. Influencer marketing is the most marketable marketing approach and an alternative to traditional media advertising. It allows you to be creative while borrowing credibility from the endorsement of the influencer. It is pertinent to choose influencers that can best project your brand’s image and ethos. This will help you build brand equity and drive brand sales thereof.

Stunt Marketing

You might have come across memes and videos related to a certain brand before the release of their next product? Apple is known for capturing customers’ attention before the yearly release of its products.

Stunt marketing is a form of marketing or advertising through which a brand releases controversial or humoristic content to capture the audience’s attention and generate media coverage. This is a great marketing gimmick and has proven to work wonders for Apple every year. Some might argue that Apple is an established brand so it’s easier for them but consider this: You aren’t familiar with a brand but they pull out a rather controversial stunt and now almost everyone is talking about it.

You just need to be creative and clever with this type of marketing.

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Street Marketing

How can we skip street marketing when we are talking about non-traditional marketing? In the age of social media, using local tools and ways to market is unconventional. Running ad campaigns locally using local tools such as food delivery services, street art, and other public places helps in building brand awareness.

To sum it all up, it is paramount to a brand’s success that they explore these non-traditional marketing strategies and platforms to build customer loyalty and familiarity. Breaking the monotonous creativity and strategically designed ad campaigns will help a brand generate leads and build a loyal customer base.

Co-Marketing for the Win

Co-marketing as a concept is the process of two brands promoting each other using their reach. This phenomenon has become quite popular recently whereby two or more brands have collaborated to run ad campaigns. This isn’t limited to brands but influencers and celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and have mutually promoted their products.

Brands have collaborated with successful athletes to promote their products. For example, Kanye West with Adidas, Ronaldo for Coca-cola, and others. Spotify has collaborated with both Uber and Starbucks to promote while relying on each others’ brand credibility.

Customized Brand Merch

The trend of customized merch has picked up in recent years. Celebrities and influencers have used this to start their own business cashing on their following. Companies and software houses can roll out their own customized merch to promote their brand awareness and loyalty.

To quote a recent example of this, Hackernoon has introduced its own customized merch. Other tech companies can follow the suit.

Snapchat to Reach Out to Generation Z

If there’s one platform to reach out to the generation Z that is Snapchat. Snapchat is most popular among generation z and this is where brands have the opportunity to market their product.

Brands are using Snapchat to run short videos to advertise their products. Brands can also invest in introducing customized Snapchat filters to promote their brand.

Conventional but Relevant

Corporate social responsibility never goes out of trend. It is to show compliance with the established ethical practices and principles. The corporate social responsibility towards giving back to the community through voluntary and philanthropic work.


Having said this, the world is changing at an unimaginable pace. Staying on the right side of history is far more important today than ever before. Brands should be sensitive and inclusive of diversity while upholding the principles of equality and justice.

Humanize User Interaction

Lastly, user interaction for feedback to retain customers and improve customer experience is crucial to a brand’s success. Add AI-powered chatbots to your website and application to communicate directly with your customers and win customer satisfaction.

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