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How does Zuckerberg’s 1st Retail Store Look Like in the Metaverse?

Facebook’s 1st retail store is here! It’s designed to drum up interest in Meta’s initiatives in the metaverse.

Metaverse leader, the Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed his first physical store, “Meta Store” along with the first metaverse online shop. It will open on May 9 at the company’s Burlingame campus in California. In this meta store, users can explore and buy VR headsets and other gadgets in a 1,550-square-foot retail place to stoke interest in products vital to its metaverse ambitions. Along with VR headsets and Ray-Ban glasses that can record and post short videos or stories, the portal video-chat device will also be available at the Meta Store.


First-Ever Retail Store in the Metaverse

Meta is attempting new drives to meet the headwinds of an evolving digital landscape. The organization had lost US$10 billion on its Reality Labs segment managing the metaverse drives. Metaverse leader, Zuckerberg intends to focus on the same and expects its ambitious metaverse project would require essentially 10 years or more to be completely evolved.

Meta plans to help makers by permitting them to sell virtual things in its metaverse. The organization revealed earlier that it is testing its new tools for the creators on the virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds by permitting a handful of them to sell virtual resources within the worlds they build.

A significant part of the new Meta Store will be offering potential clients the chance to test out Facebook’s hardware in person and in an environment set up by the company. There’s an enormous stage in the store where individuals can freely move while using a headset, wrapped in a floor-to-ceiling screen showing onlookers what the wearer is seeing.

This could also include NFTs. However, a sizeable cut of up to 47.5% on the sale of digital assets, along with a 17.5% fee charged by Horizon, can very well deter the adoption of the metaverse project shepherded by the world’s biggest social media company. Notwithstanding the new store, the Meta site will also now include a shopping tab to sell its products online.