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How Deep Learning is Helping Create Baby Names

  /  Deep Learning   /  How Deep Learning is Helping Create Baby Names
Deep Learning

How Deep Learning is Helping Create Baby Names

Deep Learning can surely create wonders

Choosing baby names for new parents is a hectic task amidst all the disguise they already face with the new-borns. Deep learning these days has gone to peaks with new inventions and innovations. Wait, wait, what is baby names doing with deep learning in a sudden transition is exactly what’s running on your mind right?

But this us something new. Something real. Something factual. The deep learning research experts at Norway have led to a new method of inventing baby names with their ethnicity with the help of neural networks and deep learning by using TensorFlow. Here’s how



Researchers will be building a similar character-level language Deep Learning model to generate character sequences in the end they want the model spit out new names so that it can create new and existing character combinations that hopefully will end up sounding like sensible names.

Deep learning scientists will use data from SSB (Statistics Norway) with names of born babies between 2006 and 2015 with more than 4 occurrences in at least one of the 10 years. If the Deep learning model will be able create new names they might indeed exist from before if less than 4 people has not been given that name the last 10 years.


Here is how it goes


Download the information from SSB and other records that is briefly put away DropBox and show some straightforward statistics. The rundown comprises of 630 (not actually a deep learning problem) of infants brought into the world in between 2005 – 2015 and that has happened at least multiple times somewhere around one of the years. This might restrict the Deep learning model to make more colourful mixes as it gains from the most well-known names.


Generating Vocabulary

In this progression the researchers create exceptional characters utilized in every one of the various names. Interpretations records for ordering are likewise made as we as a whole realize it is simpler to work with numbers than with characters. This is a quite little informational collection however it is consistently a decent practice to record your vocabulary.

The information variable is only a number portrayal of all the text.



The Deep learning model has generally figured out how to create reasonable person mixes to frame young lady names and surprisingly new young lady names which is very amazing. 55% of the names produced where new names not contained in the preparation information. If the Deep learning model is prepared all the more broadly it may lose this pizazz and it is fascinating to see the outcomes.

A portion of the names created are to be sure odd and fascinating from a Norwegian language viewpoint since this Deep Learning technology is first leveraged in Norway:

  • Agne
  • Ajeliana
  • Amena
  • Amøy
  • Andrika
  • Anetianea
  • Anetine
  • Angele
  • Annabica
  • Annebeste
  • Anneta
  • Asane
  • Astra
  • Hedidika
  • Helda
  • Heslia
  • Ingele
  • Jenenek
  • Jina
  • Junate
  • Leina
  • Lenkke
  • Licke
  • Lorja
  • Recina
  • Ren
  • Renise
  • Rnenne
  • Robannike
  • Roniana
  • Sikone
  • Simom
  • Sire
  • Sirin
  • Sofje
  • Soisa
  • Soja
  • Sorie
  • Suma
  • Ushile Norway
  • Vedina
  • ina –

The Deep learning model additionally helped learn (generally 82/83) that new names should begin with new capital letters without any doubt.

By and by, when quarrelling over potential child names one could generally go to trifling ventures like this. This technique is amazing despite the fact that it gets in hold (to some extent a portion) of the math and ideas included. This is without a doubt the beginning of something important and big and more research into deep learning can bring us many more wonders like this one.