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How AI And AR Bring a Futuristic World Post-COVID-19, Backed By Social Distancing?

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  How AI And AR Bring a Futuristic World Post-COVID-19, Backed By Social Distancing?
AI, AR in Social Distancing

How AI And AR Bring a Futuristic World Post-COVID-19, Backed By Social Distancing?

When we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic (and we surely will), without a doubt, technology will be instrumental in this win. Even in the present, advancements in modern disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), BigData, Augmented Reality (AR), are already helping in fighting and containing the spread of the novel coronavirus and in the research of its cure. From employing drones and robots to maintain social distancing to increasing reliance on cloud storage systems to monitoring the public for potential COVID-19 positive cases. After the pandemic, these technologies will ensure global contingencies for future crises of this magnitude are robust.

In the current crisis, we have witnessed the positive role of AI and AR. Their increasing uses and potentials can be an avenue for an intelligent, agile, and immersive future. This age has already started. If COVID-19 highlighted anything, it is the need for services that are contactless yet can deliver the same level of engagement with a visual and immersive experience. Companies are now looking into this possibility before planning to reopen their stores, malls, and offices for the first time after lockdown.  AR can help in maintaining the social distancing mandates while providing real-time information about meetings, screenless biometrics, safety measures, and other necessary details. Even in the education sector, using AR and virtual reality tools can help students from remote areas in having classroom and lab type experiences, thereby increasing remote learning.

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Students can now learn about gladiator fights or how Napoleon was defeated from their rooms due to the immersive AR-VR gadgets without visiting museums or time traveling! A similar scene may emerge in the museums and tourism industry, too – visualizing and experiencing worlds.

AI with AR can also help providers improve shopping experiences, enable sick employees to work from home, and have access to office resources. There will be a surge in contactless payment methods, telehealth, and automation. In the health industry, surgeons will be trained using AR models; patients will be diagnosed using AI-based machine learning and computer vision algorithms. Even e-commerce deliveries will be contactless thanks to robots and drones. Technicians will be trained for better and gain increased visibility into the products and solutions they’re being asked to maintain.

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In the immediate, post-pandemic world, then, the niche for AI and AR solutions seems to be precise – they will help us practice active social distancing without compromising communication and the creation of truly immersive experiences. Besides, the integration of AI and AR can create numerous job opportunities for humans, contrary to the popular belief of job loss.

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The more and more ways we discover or innovate to involve AI and AR in our personal and professional lives, the more shall be the jobs require for their smooth functioning, i.e., from innovation to delivery to maintenance. This shall lead to the advent of a new ecosystem where man and technology both work hand-in-hand.

AI shall also allow delivery of real-time data insights, merge systems and sources into centralized, easy to control, inclusive packages. This can radically shape the way we manage and control our services with predictive, powerful, and yet simplified data management and improved performance and uptime.

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Not only it shall be a game-changing upgrade, but it shall also further lead to a rapid cultural shift in industries. So maybe the future is contactless social distancing, and yet there shall be continuity of the industries and information even beyond the COVID-19