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HITS: Redefining IT Industry with Reimagined and Comprehensive Data Offerings

  /  CXO Insights   /  HITS: Redefining IT Industry with Reimagined and Comprehensive Data Offerings
Michael Steinmann, President & CEO, HITS

HITS: Redefining IT Industry with Reimagined and Comprehensive Data Offerings

HITS is predominantly an Information Technology (IT) firm with complete knowledge in optimizing client’s information. HITS optimizes information by providing:

a) DocuMiner, a patent-pending, revolutionary physical paper record identification and storage removal solution,

b) STR8VIEW, a secure, cloud-based document management system that enhances the way companies view and retrieve electronic documents,

c) Premier document scanning services utilizing a secure, custom-built document tracking application that provides an audit trail and precise cataloging of every document during the conversion process,

d) Fetal Monitor Strip Conversion, which is a unique capability to scan fetal heart monitor strips in full HD color into HITS’ secure cloud-based document storage and retrieval platform, allowing for a continuous read of fetal heart monitoring strips.

The company also offers blueprint and microfilm scanning as well as data migration services.

HITS’ goal is to deliver solutions that enhance its clientele’s access and knowledge of their information. HITS stands as H-honor, I-innovation, T-teamwork, S-security. Moreover, its team ensures to align its efforts to offer ‘information optimized using reimagined solutions.’

The company which was founded in 1994 in a small office front, with six employees has grown tenfold over the past two decades.  Migrating from performing microfilm service in its earliest years to providing a host of digital offerings today to meet present customers’ demands, HITS’ consistent growth can be attributed to its commitment and knowledge of the industry.


Hard work and Adaptability as Epitome of Success

In 2015, the company, which was then known as HITS Scanning Solutions, was sold to Michael Steinmann (then Sr. VP).  Starting in the warehouse as a high school senior in 2001, Mike worked 40 hours per week while attending night classes at Lindenwood University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  In 2005, he was promoted to Account Rep, which was one of the high points of his career. His superior leadership, hard work and experience gave him the knowledge and understanding of the entire company from the inside out.  He grew the business exponentially and was able to purchase the company from the founder.  Under Mike’s leadership, HITS has gone through a technological metamorphosis, adding many new capabilities to meet the customer’s increasing demands and reliance on HITS.

Mike’s story proves that hard work can pay off and that dreams can come true. During Mike’s tenure as the owner, the creation and delivery of innovative solutions best summarize his contribution towards the company and industry. The IT industry has embraced HITS’ solutions such as DocuMiner and STR8VIEW because of their capability to solve problems that had earlier been proved to be quite daunting and tricky.


Bringing Optimized Information Storage Solution to Customers

Over the course of many years, HITS’ clients, especially the healthcare clients, verbalized their frustration about infinite paper records storage cost and their growing liability in storing paper records.  HITS took the bull by the horns, and after years’ worth of research and development, DocuMiner was born! DocuMiner, is a patent-pending paper records storage removal solution that addresses this frustration by eliminating infinite record storage costs and growing liability in storing paper records.


Meeting Market Needs via Disruptive Technologies

According to Mike, machine learning is beginning to yield significant benefits in its ability to learn and improve from experience with content, without being explicitly programmed. By employing this key feature of machine learning, HITS is developing solutions to address unstructured documents to structured information challenges faced by many organizations. This also includes developing enhanced OCR capabilities.


Excelling with Innovation through Strong Team Ethics

The company emphasizes on listening to its patrons about their challenges, which can help in getting ideas that drive digital transformation and innovation. Moreover, a major part of HITS’ workforce culture is teamwork- internal partnerships are paramount. “Innovation takes a team. Our sales team is built to listen to our clients then communicate those challenges up the ladder” says Mike.  After that, the HITS team then mobilizes the needed resources to mitigate those challenges.


Overcoming Hurdles to Right Hiring

Mike speculates that providing innovative solutions begins with people having a mindset of helping other people succeed.  HITS consistently strives to bring people on board who share this mindset. However, it has been and remains a challenge to source this attribute. Hence, the company centers its efforts on hiring some of the best minds and team players who will help the company in achieving its mission goals.


Invaluable Accomplishments

The company’s success has led to many awards, including being recognized as the fastest growing technology company in St. Louis, by Deloitte-Touch and the Regional Commerce and Growth Association. Some of its achievements include,

• Recipient of “Technology Small Business of the Year for Eastern Missouri for 2020” award from the Small Business Administration.

• Recognized in Top 50 “Businesses Shaping Our Future” by Greater St. Louis

• Awarded “Making a Difference” from the Entrepreneur’s Organization


Moving Ahead in a Dynamic Industry

Speaking of future plans, Mike is confident that HITS will always remain in a position to innovate based on client challenges and industry changes. He mentions that there is always a room to learn and grow, and there will always be challenges ahead; therefore, HITS will always strive to surpass expectations.