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  /  Latest News   /  High-performance Artificial Muscles: New Development by Mechanical Engineers

High-performance Artificial Muscles: New Development by Mechanical Engineers

We have watched movies like The Matrix, I,Robot, Robot & Frank and many more robot-centric movies which made us wonder about the future full of robots. That future is here! Mechanical Engineers from University of Northern Arizona have recently developed high-performance artificial muscles, which follow human-centric approach. 

Yes, there are controversies regarding the rise in unemployment of humans. But we have to admit that there is massive digital transformation. This is only possible with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the tech industry. The updated robotic applications are assisting humans in diverse range of fields- tech sector, health-care sector, automobile sector and so on. For what? To make the world a better place.

The research team and engineers are always on hunt for more upgraded and smart technologies for efficient work-flow in various industries. Robots are being shifted to more biological pattern with the utmost use of human-centric approaches. Human look-alike AI robot is already launched in front of the public, popularly known as Sophia. 

There are various approaches for nurturing artificial muscles such as hydraulic system, servo motors, polymers, shape-memory metal and so on. These approaches experienced limitations. Thus, mechanical engineers created new high performance artificial muscles for more effective work-flow.

What is the prototype of the new development?

The main aim is to seek strong and effortless commitment through smart robots for the tech industry in economical ways. These robotic applications tend to allow some hi-tech machines to follow necessary movements to complete given tasks within a short period of time. 

How can these new muscles behave with human-centric approach?

  1. Stiffness of arms
  2. Relaxation of arms
  3. Reversibly contract
  4. Expand and fold
  5. Rotate

There can be one component to help in rotation due to external stimulus such as voltage, current, temperature or pressure.

The robotic applications follow a major principle— Biomimicry. The term Biomimicry means the ability to mimic life. The robotic artificial muscles are created to accomplish certain movements in human-centric approach. These high-performance artificial muscles are scientifically termed as linear actuators muscles with coiled structure which can trigger more energy for use in robotic applications. These muscles consist of five to ten times the energy of human-natural muscles to carry out any task. There’s a wrong perception regarding the weight of these smart muscles. Yes, these are more powerful but also light in weight and cheaper in price. 

Where will these high-performance artificial muscles be used properly?

  1. Soft robotics applications 
  2. Conventional robotic actuator
  3. Exo-skeletons
  4. Prosthetics

Future is dynamic! We do not know what the future holds with the presence of robots which have high-performance artificial muscles. If we use these robotic applications in various useful ways, we actually can take advantages of new upgraded technologies from the tech sector to turn our workflow into hassle-free environment.