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Heru Finance, a Web3.0 Global Asset Management platform, launched by ex-Facebook technology leader

  /  Latest News   /  Heru Finance, a Web3.0 Global Asset Management platform, launched by ex-Facebook technology leader

Heru Finance, a Web3.0 Global Asset Management platform, launched by ex-Facebook technology leader

Prashant Malik, one of Facebook’s first 40 employees, has launched Heru Finance for working professionals and HNIs/UHNWIs who want to diversify their portfolio and invest in proprietary Web 3.0 & crypto strategies

New Delhi, 19th September 2022Heru Finance, a global platform providing an opportunity to invest in Web 3.0 was launched today, in India and SEA markets. The platform with $ 8.0 Mn + Assets Under Management (AUM) leverages deep technology and a team with a combined experience of 40+ years investing in Web3.0 & Crypto.

As Web 3.0 & the underlying technology (blockchain) is seeing mainstream adoption across the world, it is providing a new asset class for users to invest in. However, over the past few months, investors have witnessed high volatility, regulatory clampdowns, and asset freeze across prominent platforms.  Heru is fully compliant to regulations and provides a safer alternative by investing in proprietary strategies that have demonstrated superior returns – both in bull and bear markets.

Prashant Malik, Founder and CEO of Heru Finance, widely recognized as the Inventor of Cassandra, the distributed database used by Netflix, Meta and several global enterprises expressed “We started Heru because we realised that working professionals want to invest in this new asset class, but neither have time nor enough knowledge to make the right decisions. At best, the options they have available today are buying tokens or index funds on crypto exchanges & other platforms, which by nature are extremely volatile – and can lead to huge losses. Contrary, the investment strategies on Heru are actively managed and have shown upto 50% positive returns in last 3 months, compared to capitulation in crypto prices during the same time frame”

The platform boasts a strong technology stack including a robo-advisory that profiles every investor and matches them to a unique set of investment strategies. The investment team also uses HQS (Heru Quant Stack) which processes data points from search, social, meta, and content platforms and converts them into actionable trading decisions. There are other tech solutions that the team are working upon and plan to make live shortly.

“Our target audience are working professionals with total investable wealth of more than 1 Cr and a long-term investment perspective. For HNIs/UHNWIs, the platform provides exclusive investment opportunities in hand-picked blockchain & web 3.0 companies who can provide strong returns. Think about investing in Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, just when the Digital Revolution had started!” said Prashant.

Advocates of Web 3.0 believe that the world is going to get tokenized and eventually all assets, like Real Estate, Commodities, Art, Luxury Items, even existing financial instruments (stocks, derivatives, bonds) will eventually become digital assets. At its peak, the Crypto Market Cap was $3.0 Tn and that is a very small fraction of the market Cap of all assets in the world. There is a massive headroom for growth.

The founding team comprises Neeraj Bagdia, Tanuj Moorjani, Ganesh Kompella & Karan Ahuja who are ex-entrepreneurs, technologists and early blockchain investors.


About Heru Finance:

Heru Finance, a recently established global asset management platform that provides proprietary investment strategies to invest in Web 3.0 & Crypto. It leverages a combination of deep-tech and a crypto team with 40+ years of investing experience to help investors make superior returns, both in bull & bear market.

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