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  /  Latest News   /  Here is why IT Roles are Booming!

Here is why IT Roles are Booming!

Developments in the IT department aren’t solely due to technological advancements.

Every business strategy today includes information technology as a critical component. IT is used by anyone from multinational companies with mainframe database management systems to smaller firms with a single computer. As per report of BLS, employment in computer and IT (information technology) occupations is projected to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. These occupations are projected to add about 531,200 new jobs.

Developments in the IT department aren’t solely due to technological advancements. Modern business practices necessitate cross-functional collaboration between IT and the rest of the company. To do so, more IT practitioners would need a wider knowledge and understanding than they have in the past in order to encourage more fruitful conversations with colleagues both within and outside the IT department. In reality, market competitiveness trends like digital transformation are driving a lot of what’s going on in information technology departments.


Trends in technology that are expanding IT roles

Cloud computing 

Cloud computing has recently caused a significant change in the IT industry. New technologies have emerged, and there are now a variety of ways to digitize IT systems and access required applications over the Internet through web-based apps. There would be no IT costs for hardware or servers as a result of this.

The IT model, which is utility-based and service-oriented, is no longer a simple hardware or software sector. Email applications, production processes, protection options, storage and backup facilities, to name a few information technology elements that can be transferred to the cloud, are currently available from suppliers.



Automation is another development that is affecting the future scope of IT roles. Although the idea isn’t latest, it’s now being used in more aspects of IT, such as DevOps, technology provisioning, data pipelines, and the technical support. The time saved allows IT professionals to focus on greater projects like creativity, incremental progress, and tackling the inevitable backlog and technological debt rather than rote, routine tasks.


Big Data 

IT administrators on the front hands are becoming increasingly involved in attempts to derive value from the Big Data that businesses gather and store. As a result, information technology executives can learn what they can about Big Data and what they can do to help their organizations develop a strong data management technique.

Information technology must work with the corporate side of the enterprise to create a data management plan that can yield meaningful results in order for organizations to get a grasp on Big Data and use it to improve productivity.



Business Today mentioned that, there has been a spike in the amount of data organizations have had to contend with this year due to a combination of all the digital transformation that has happened in 2020 and the increased online activity due to lockdowns.

With more 5G rollouts expected in 2021, along with further growth in LP-WAN-based services, the amount of data created and handled by businesses is set to skyrocket.