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Green Apex: Leveraging Disruptive Technologies to Flourish in Cloud Computing

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Green Apex Technolabs

Green Apex: Leveraging Disruptive Technologies to Flourish in Cloud Computing

Green Apex is a well-established development company that offers a wide range of outsourced services, online applications, and mobile solutions on a worldwide scale. Green Apex was founded in the year 2014 and has been growing ever since.Green Apex strives to provide their clients with not only the finest, but an unrivalled level of efficacy and efficiency. The firm provides services to nations all around the world. The company’s aim is to diversify its areas and technology in order to extend its branches into various sectors. Business analytics applications, health care and pharmacy solutions, business intelligence, enterprise solutions, product lifecycle management, retail, e-commerce, food, media, trading, finance, etc. are the sectors of clientele that Green Apex now serves.


With a Vision to Fill the Loopholes in the Tech Industry

Green Apex is a dynamic entrepreneurship envisioned to fill the loopholes in technology and service industry. With time, Green Apex grew to substantial heights and has built offices in Australia, USA and Canada. It has delivered more than 150 satisfying products and served around 200 customers in 11 countries.

Green Apex’s services dazzle the world under three categories:

First one is web development services. By adopting contemporary technologies Green Apex has devised more than 55+ web applications like JAVA, AngularJS, Magento, PHP, NodeJS, Laravel, and much more.

Then comes the second one-i.e., mobile development services. Mobile application development is one of the trending services provided by IT firms for increasing the company’s client base. Green Apex has conceived several mobile app development solutions for Android, iPhone, react native and cross-platform.

And the final one is QA services. Quality assurance is an undeniable aspect when it comes to app and web development. Quality assurance ensures the accuracy of services and further helps in cost optimization.

Based on these factors, Green Apex utilizes cutting-edge tester tools like Selenium, Junit, Mockito, etc. to ensure the quality of products.


A Path Filled with Challenges

Green Apex was introduced in the market by, Smit Joshi (Founder & CEO) and Nilay Khandhar (CTO), in 2014. Both of these leaders come from technological backgrounds and are well-seasoned in the industrial sphere. During its inception, gaining potential clients was an arduous task as Green Apex didn’t have a proper brand recognition.It was quite difficult for them to progress. However, through adept quality and real-time service, the company has risen to become a trustworthy IT-enabler over the globe by hiring and retaining competent employees.

Last but not the least, building a befitting business framework was a strenuous job. Values are the guiding principles of a company and play an integral role in the day-to-day functions. Being a startup Green Apex didn’t have a pre-defined framework; as such, the leaders had to resort to whatever came up front. But with time and growth, the company’s CEO and CTO have created a productive framework, which is taking the leaders to places.


Client Testimonials 

Inter Networking Website for IT Company 

“Could not be happier with the results. Deadlines were always met. The quality of work was outstanding, communication was always perfect, and they were always available to answer the questions or work on important hotfixes”


Software Development Company Website 

“They are resourceful engineers who are honest about their abilities and scope of work. High quality & timely work, they are go-to web portal developers.”


Opensource Identity Software 

“Green Apex team are super professional. Delivered exactly what we mentioned on the spec. Quality work. Surely, we would like to work with them in future. Well, done!”


The Foundation for the Rock-Solid Company

Smit Joshi plays a very foundational role in helping each innovative transformation succeed by conveying its importance, architecting the desired changes, building a rock-solid team of tech passionate people together, and most importantly getting personally involved in the project challenges. The leader’s contribution towards the industry marks a golden code to pace up calmly yet enthusiastically for the magnitude, changing nature, and the urgency of tech transformation in the industry.


Contributing to Cloud Computing Services

In simple words, the company contributes to the full cycle development with high potential cloud capabilities in the cloud computing industry. Green Apex benefits its clients in all the ways by staying ahead of others, fetching a greater scale of flexibility, promoting resilience and by aligning businesses with its operational needs.


Collaboration of AI and Big Data with Cloud Computing

Smit believes that AI can help in deployment of software in cloud.AI and big data when jazzed up with cloud computing can intelligently automate the smooth deployment of software.If the usage cloud capabilities are 50% but it is charged with a 100% usage, involving AI into it helps optimize the cost exponentially. AI helps reduce cost according to the tire and usage capacity. To ensure every cloud resource is provisioned with appropriate security, AI drastically helps maintain compliance and reduce the business risk by analyzing big data most accurately.


Advancing with the Current Trends like Blockchain, AI

Innovation has always been at the core of Green Apex. The company has adopted different models and technologies like Blockchain, extended reality, and the power of AI.Most importantly, Green Apex has the grip and ability to spot trends. One of the key ingredients that the company has which also separates it from the rest of the pack is the company’s drive and ambition which are paired together. This has always helped Green Apex deliver an out of the box tech solution which Green Apex’s clients wanted to achieve.


Taking Up Every Project as a Challenge

The biggest challenges for Green Apex gradually became great opportunities which helped to build a strong team and onboard right talent at the right time. Green Apex takes up every project as a challenge that indirectly gives the company a lucrative opportunity to focus more on the discovery and planning stage. The company focuses upon the story boards and makes sure they are widely used by the users. The company mastered in successfully setting up the user story and the user expectation.


Achievements and Recognitions for App Development

For its exceptional work and services, Green Apex has won several awards and recognitions amongst which it received awards in various categories like

Achievements awarded by clutch – Top cloud consultants 2020

Top developer – Top mobile app development companies in India

Good firms – Top mobile app development company

App futura – Top app development company in Australia

Featured in The CEO Story – The companies booming despite the lockdown.


Expanding the Service Product Lines for Different Technologies

Green Apex has shown a proliferating business since its inception. Not just in revenue, the company has achieved a 100+ retention rate, 84% customer retention rate and 100% success rate. Everyone knows that the future is right for tech. Technology is there for every small thing or an action. In future, Green Apex is trying to expand the company’s service product lines for different domains and technologies.On the outlook, Green Apex is foreseeing to delve into the sports and media industry. Furthermore, Green Apex is also working on expanding its business by aiming to create a strategic brand presence in 5 more countries, in the next 2 years.As the future of industry, this industry is focused on 60 to 70% of revenue that comes from the enterprise Solutions. So, Green Apex is targeting all the B2B domains to help the industry expand the company’s business bar as a whole.