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  /  Latest News   /  Google’s New Cloud-Based Approach for Data Sharing is a Bliss!
Google's New Cloud

Google’s New Cloud-Based Approach for Data Sharing is a Bliss!

Let’s see how Google’s New Cloud, removes the limits of data clouds to the data-to-AI-value gap.

Google’s new cloud summit on data connects data practitioners, developers, and IT decision-makers looking to transform their businesses with simple, open, and intelligent data technologies. This enhanced Google’s Data Cloud Alliance with large companies.


What happened in Google’s data cloud summit?

Google’s data cloud summit brought together technology leaders and data professionals to share insights on how users can capitalize on the next wave of data solutions. They discussed many ways that business leaders and their organizations can make smarter decisions and solve complex challenges with key innovations in AI, machine learning, analytics, and databases.

This summit announcement of new products and enhancements designed to help data scientists leverage the power of Google’s cloud platform to perform data science. Google invested heavily in artificial intelligence over the years and its new products can help companies and users make sense of the flood of data with both traditional analysis and machine learning.

Google offers sophisticated tools for applying artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the same time, it’s nurturing an open ecosystem so that companies can use and share data from wherever it may be captured. The new releases emphasize breaking barriers between clouds from different merchants and also self-hosting options by the customers. This strategy can help Google battle with large competitors.

Google’s BigLake platform is designed to work with data across various clouds. The service can offer enterprises a chance to unify their data warehouses and lakes in one multi-cloud platform.

Google creates the Data Cloud Alliance, a collaboration with Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Starburst. This helps standardize open formats for data so that information can flow as easily as possible between the different clouds across political and corporate barriers.