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  /  Tech   /  Google is Tracking You All the Time! Creepy List Enlists Them All
Google is Tracking You All the Time! Creepy List Enlists Them All

Google is Tracking You All the Time! Creepy List Enlists Them All

Google has a secret list that enlists all the information it has on you! But what can you do about it?

Big tech firms may be perceived as impassible behemoths that are unconnected to your everyday life. In actuality, these businesses desire an intimate relationship with you. You might be interested in learning what Google knows about you as it is one of your most fervent admirers. Perhaps, you believed that Google wouldn’t be aware of your age, gender, marital status, or interests. Actually, it gathers a tonne of personal information so that it can show you advertisements that you might want to click on. Ads are by far Google’s greatest source of income.

There are secret lists that show how well Google knows you, but you may never have noticed them. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to locate these gold mines of knowledge. Additionally, if you wish to, you can easily turn off some of the tracking capabilities and remove the data caches.


What does Google know about you?

Google is able to learn a lot about your identity and activities. Some of the information is just based on what you give it; for example, you might have provided your name, age, and birthdate. Your usage of its platforms will likewise provide information. Google, for instance, is able to collect information from your searches, YouTube video viewing, and app downloads. Your Google Dashboard will house a large portion of this data.


You only need to know some of this information

Other information is utilized to improve Google programs, such as knowing your home and workplace addresses to offer commute suggestions in Google Maps. However, Google also creates an advertising profile for you in order to tailor the advertisements you see. This is advantageous in some ways because you’ll see more pertinent advertisements. Ad personalization is the outcome of data collecting, therefore privacy conscious people may wish to turn it off. The advertisements profile that Google has created for you is available on the site. While some of it will be accurate and undoubtedly terrify you as a result, it’s also likely that Google might have made a few mistakes along the way. In any event, if you’re concerned, you can easily turn off ad personalization.


How to find out what Google knows about you?

You must first log in to your Google Account by clicking on your profile picture in order to see the information that Google has gathered about you. Select “manage your Google account” after that.

Click “data & personalization” after that. You can scroll through your previous online activities, including a “Maps timeline” and “YouTube watch and search history.” You can “download or erase your data” if you scroll down the page further. On its webpage titled “Get a summary of data in your Google Account,” Google details the necessary actions.

You can also verify the personalization of your ads. By getting Google to cease storing your activity, you can prevent Google from storing as much data in the future. Return to “data and privacy”, and “my activity,” and you should notice a blue toggle next to “web & app activity.” Turn it off. Additionally, you can disable “location history” and “YouTube history.”