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  /  Latest News   /  Google I/O 2022 Reveals Some Cool Products that Apple Should Be Concerned About!
Google I/O 2022

Google I/O 2022 Reveals Some Cool Products that Apple Should Be Concerned About!

Have Google I/O 2022 products started alerting Apple executives with their robustness?

There was a time Google and Apple were on friendly terms with each other, if not for anything else but for targeting the common competitors in mutual interest in the tech world. At the same time in bleeding-edge competition collaborations often fall apart and it also happened with the tech company. But the year 2022 may take the competition between the two further— with Google offering a sort of alarm bell to Apple with its products launched at the Google I/O 2022, especially integrating cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality.

The spurt comes from Google I/O 2022, an annual event for developers, in which the popular tech company, Google, provided important updates about its new software and upcoming projects. The number of products revealed in the meet is quite awesome. The list contained Android 13, Pixel 6A phone, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro earbuds. There were also teasers for a Pixel Tablet and Pixel 7 Pro phones. And if that was not all, Google also provided a glimpse of AR (augmented reality) glasses which are still undergoing refinement.

To have a sneak preview of the products, the Android 13 operating system promises to provide much better privacy, security, and personalization than ever before. Pixel 6A phone claims to be faster, smarter, and more personalized and it is among the first Android devices to receive the Android 13 update. The Pixel Pro Earbuds are the first Google-made buds with “no leakage” active noise cancellation. Pixel 7 will use the second-generation Tensor chip, further utilizing various AI and ML applications. The augmented reality glasses of Google can automatically translate languages in real-time and the user of the glass can read a translation of what someone at the other end says. However, it is not simply a question of introducing some new, updated, and seductive high-tech products. For both Google, it is basically a question of domination of market share induced by the recognition at the ‘best’. This is precisely where another popular tech company, Apple, comes in.

Apple has reasons to be concerned with the revelation of the Google I/O 2022. There is a backdrop to it. For some years Apple and Google have been crossing swords. The major bone of competition has been Apple’s iPhone. The rift became clear when Google sent a letter to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claiming that Apple had rejected the Google Voice application for iPhone. The letter directly contradicted Apple’s claim that it was still reviewing the application.  The FCC did not waste time seeking clarifications from Apple. Apple on its part ultimately defended its right to disapprove of Google Voice on the ground that the Google application retains the power to change the iPhone user interface, something which it claimed was non-negotiable. While both the tech companies were at loggerheads with mutual accusations it was clear to all that it is not going to end any time soon. When Google comes up with products in which Apple also has its stake the question is whether the turf war will intensify, or not! The turf not just concerns iPhone but other competitive items like the iPad, and watch as well.

We may have to wait for a while to see how Apple responds to Google’s latest ventures and how it views them as a sort of intrusion into its own territory. It may be a bit naive to expect that Apple will just sit back and let Google take the lead over it. So, we may soon see a scenario of cool tech products with augmented reality generating hot competition in the global big tech world.