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Google has Come Up with an AI Tool that is a Blessing for Mobile Photographers!

  /  Latest News   /  Google has Come Up with an AI Tool that is a Blessing for Mobile Photographers!
Google has Come Up with an AI Tool that is a Blessing for Mobile Photographers!

Google has Come Up with an AI Tool that is a Blessing for Mobile Photographers!

Google RawNeRF can boost the skills of mobile photographers on different levels in the future

The AI tool is said to be underway. If it really happens it will surely be a great leap forward for those concerned with mobile photography. Reports show that Google is going to introduce RawNeRF (Neural Radiance Fields), an AI tool, for mobile photographers. With photographs having the support of the AI, that too of the latest variety, there is a revolution waiting to occur for mobile photographers.

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Since the emergence of smartphones has been gradually improving in various ways, and one particular area in which they are doing so is with regard to the introduction of larger sensors and greater megapixels for better mobile photography.

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 While these steps have been appreciated in reality, they did not play a great role in the actual photo-capturing process for mobile photographers.

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It is because the process has been constrained by several factors: the problem of shooting in darkness or extremely low light, and the problem of digital noise. It can be assumed that with the RawNeRF around things will vastly improve and a number of opportunities to improve mobile photography will be available.

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Why so?

RawNeRF is a neural network tool capable of reconstructing accurately 3D rangers from a set of images. The system can automatically create a 3D scene from multiple photos of the same 2D scene. To explain it further, it contributes much to the automated photogrammetry that reduces manual effort and the number of photos while generating flexible, customizable 3D scenes of high quality.

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It has the ability to scan a collection of pictures to reconstruct a 3D depiction of the scene. The opportunities that may be available with this up-end technology include adjusting the exposure, focus, or camera location even after capturing an image. If one goes by the recent video discussion of Google researcher Ben Mildenhall the technology “combines photos acquired from several distinct camera views to collectively denoise and rebuild a scene.”

RawNeRF is thus promising to change the way data is gathered by RAW images, rather than standard JPEGs. RAW images without any doubt capture much more details compared to photos captured in the standard way. Such details can be used to enhance the image in post-processing with the utilization of the AI tool. Definitely, the development signals a new beginning as far as mobile photography is concerned.

The development of mobile photographers has been gradual. Since 2020 in particular Google researchers are regularly demonstrating new use cases for NeRFs like the Google Maps Immersive View or to render Street View in 3D based on photographs and depth data. Now, the Google researchers assert that due to RAW data training, RawNERF can “reconstruct scenes from extremely noisy images captured in near-darkness.” One can download RawNeRF from GitHub. There one will also find Mip-NeRF 360, which can render photorealistic 3D scenes from 360-degree footage, and Ref-NeRF.

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So, good days are ahead for mobile photographers. They may soon get rid of the nagging fear of darkness and noise, and go ahead with their act, with Google RawNeRF to bless them with more perfect output through AI in the nearby future.