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  /  5G   /  Global Tech Outlook is Dismissing 5G Myths Exclusively for You
5G myths

Global Tech Outlook is Dismissing 5G Myths Exclusively for You

Global Tech Outlook is dismissing all kinds of 5G myths for your better understanding

5G wireless network is the upcoming latest fifth-generation iteration of mobile technology focused on the highest speed with low latency. It is said to transmit data at multi-gigabit speed— up to 20 gigabits per second data rate as well as over 100 megabits per second average data rates. 5G is essential for industries to acquire real-time feedback from target audiences. Multiple organisations can reap the benefits of 5G in different ways to boost productivity and enhance customer engagement efficiently and effectively. But there have been some controversies related to the introduction of 5G worldwide. Global Tech Outlook is here to dismiss all 5G myths and bring reality in front.


Dismissing 5G Myths exclusively for you

5G is set to be available immediately

This is one of the most popular 5G myths spreading around the world. 5G wireless network is not set to be available soon in the next year. It will be deployed in multiple stages over the next few years gradually. Multiple telecom providers are fighting over the patent issue and at first, only industries will receive the efficient services of 5G through IoT and other disruptive technologies.


5G is harmful to health. It can cause cancer.

Society has this concern that implementing 5G is going to be very harmful to health, especially cancer, heart disease or brain tumours. There are two types of electromagnetic radiation— ionizing radiation (very harmful) and non-ionizing radiation (not harmful). 5G network falls under non-ionizing radiation that does not kill people through those diseases. The exposure guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission mentioned that the introduction of 5G will expose people to radiation ranging between 300 kiloHertz and 100 GHz. But currently, 5G wireless network is between 25.250 GHZ and much lesser than 100 GHz.


5G will replace 4G in smartphones

No, 5G will not replace the 4G wireless network in smartphones and it is not necessary to upgrade the network system. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology after 4G with its own capacities and functionalities. If 5G is available in different parts of the world, people can still use 4G, 3G and 2G networks in their mobile phones. It is not necessary to switch networks but it is necessary to use the 5G phones to access 5G network seamlessly and efficiently.


5G towers will reduce the number of birds

It is one of the popular 5G myths spreading across the world that the radiation from towers can kill birds. No, 5G wireless network radiations cannot kill birds. It is due to the fact that the radio wave emissions from those antennas provide above 10 megahertz that is not known for killing birds. It has the potential to navigate migratory birds in different directions but the scientists have no evidence that it will kill birds.


5G will interfere with a weather forecast

5G will not interfere with a weather forecast or make it more unreliable. Some meteorologists claimed that the 5G wireless network can interfere in predicting weather due to its closeness to satellite communications. But FCC debunked this claim and stated that 5G reduces stray signals and it will be only available in dense and urban areas of cities. Thus, 5G technology will not hamper any real-time data in the weather forecast.