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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Gato AI vs Humans: A Mutually Assured Destruction or the Start of a New Era?
Gato AI

Gato AI vs Humans: A Mutually Assured Destruction or the Start of a New Era?

DeepMind Gato AI is not so much proficient as an artificial general intelligence model

DeepMind, the hottest and leading artificial intelligence company, has recently launched Gato AI as a generalist agent. The AI language model is focused on carrying out multiple different complicated tasks to mimic human-like performances. AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is now the hottest term in the global tech market owing to its high competition. There are lots of speculations going around among the community of scientists regarding DeepMind’s Gato AI and the impact of AGI on the digital world— whether it is mutually assured destruction or for the welfare of society in the new digital era, only time will tell.


Gato AI: Brief Introduction

DeepMind is known for being on the verge of achieving human-centric artificial intelligence through the introduction of Gato AI. The new artificial intelligence language model is a general-purpose system that can perform around 600 activities such as exchanging dialogues, captioning images, stacking blocks, playing games, and many more. The AGI model is the impressive all-in-one machine learning system from the house of Google’s DeepMind.

Gato AI was created from the inspiration of large-scale language modeling and the aim to produce a single AGI agent. It can work as a multi-modal, multi-embodiment, and multi-task generalist policy. Gato AI is gaining popularity for being a single transformer that is trained on vast loads of datasets. These datasets consist of the artificial intelligence agent experience in different simulated and real-life environments with the integration of NLP and image data.

AGI has the ability to have a deeper understanding of multiple human tasks. It is known as the self-learning AI language model to show the ability to do all activities and represent human knowledge through Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Human v/s Gato AI: The new concern in 2022

The concern with DeepMind Gato AI agent is that it has not reached the level of AGI after years of development. Gato AI needs pre-trained data to perform around 600 activities efficiently and effectively. But AGI agents do not need pre-trained data— they can perform on their own with the super-intelligence of a language model.

Thus, the global tech market is nowhere close to the AGI model even with the hi-tech Silicon Valley company, Google DeepMind. The researchers of Gato AI have focused on building a machine with AGI that can have the ability to think and act like any human. But this has created a bit of concern in the advanced digital era— whether introducing AGI to the marketplace can have a destructive impact or it is for making the future better. The tech and the data-centric world is obsessed with the advancements of technologies and reaping the benefits of those. But the competition of introducing language models like Gato AI, OPT, GPT-3, and many more to come, may have a drastic effect on the future generation or not. We have to wait and experience whether these artificial intelligence language models are mutually assured destruction or the start of a new digital era. Humans can perform any new activities with their own intelligence, analysis, and problem-solving skills. But can Gato AI perform any new activity without any pre-trained data?