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  /  cryptocurrency   /  Forget Meta! Sony is Entering to Rule the Metaverse Domain in the Future

Forget Meta! Sony is Entering to Rule the Metaverse Domain in the Future

The competition is heating up as Sony entertainment enters to dominate the metaverse platform 

In the battle for metaverse supremacy, Sony Entertainment is now displaying its metaverse arsenal. The company has been working to diversify its product line in order to build robust foundations for virtual worlds. The Japanese corporation today has a resurgent music industry, a marvelous blockbuster film studio, a massive film collection, and the mots popular play station gaming platforms in the world.

The company’s music, movie, and gaming operations grew 67 percent year over year in the fiscal fourth quarter. Last month, Sony invested US$1 billion in metaverse companies like Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite. The Tokyo-based company had previously invested US$250 million in the gaming company. These initiatives have resulted in a product package aimed at Sony metaverse by the corporation. 

The epic partnership will deepen collaboration within the metaverse sphere. Sony has prioritized cross-platform interconnections in its metaverse goals, a tactic that may compromise its PlayStation dominance. Fortnite shared wallet is now supported on the company’s platform. 

PlayStation has played a big role in the social gaming revolution that’s encouraging the emergence of the metaverse as a new entertainment medium for Sony. A week after collaborating with Epic to introduce a metaverse experience for kids, the Lego Group joined Sony investing US$1 billion in the company. Metaverse companies like Lego, Sony, and Epic might have a tremendous allure to today’s kids and tomorrow’s metaverse users.