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  /  Latest News   /  Finding a Partner in FAANG is the New Matchmaking Strategy. But it’s Toxic!

Finding a Partner in FAANG is the New Matchmaking Strategy. But it’s Toxic!

What the FAANG is going on? In a matchmaking strategy like that, we do need to see the “why”

If you are at a marriageable age, or if your parents and relatives think that you are of marriageable age, then it’s a truth universally acknowledged that you must be in want for a wife or a husband. And since it’s 2022 and you might be considering having the sangeet in the metaverse and getting NFTs plus one rupee coin as gifts, looking for a FAANG partner is probably much higher on the list. Well, there is FAANG Shaadi. What the ‘faang’ is that, you ask? 


What is FAANG?

FAANG stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, and FAANG Shaadi claims to be a marriage platform for those who work for these tech giants. 

In this wonderful, tech-plagued universe, in case you are seeking to discover a person who works in this kind of FAANG company, there are numerous approaches. You can also move to Silicon Valley, but if you opt for something closer home, then there’s something referred to as And this isn’t made up, but you would wish it was!

If you thought the hotly debated IIT IIM website’s tagline – “Alma mater matters”- was unbeatable where ludicrousness is concerned, we present to you the FAANG Shaadi tagline: “Finding your soulmate among the top tech companies, because you deserve no less.” The site is said to contain validated profiles. That is, “passed the FizzBuzz test and linked to current or past experience with top tech companies.” It works through “AI-powered matchmaking”. It claims that it can also be filtered by the basic attributes you are looking for with a partner you know, such as you (Years of Experience), CTC (Reward), Vested Shares, and LetCode Rank. If that is not enough, it seems that you can filter only L5 and above.

Are you trying to touch the grass as the end is approaching? Humanity still has hope, so you may want to wait. FAANG Shaadi is an April Fool’s joke. If you can refrain from leaving the site and proceed to the disclaimer section, “Voila! I love sophisticated April Fool jokes. Wait, did you think we really meant that? We love coders and help them grow, but matchmaking is something we haven’t challenged yet. But no one knows what the future will bring!” With the recent IIT IIM Shaadi blunder, FAANG Shaadi has tricked many Twitter users into thinking it might be a joke. After all, you never know what’s to happen in India.

We do not blame those who have fallen into it. But is very real. The founder of the website “IITIIM Shaadi” was trolled on social media for launching a marriage platform like this! This platform is specially designed to help you find partners who have graduated from the top institutions in India and the world (Management, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Mass Communication, CA/CS/ICWA/CFA, Fashion Design & many more). Well, if this isn’t a representation of a toxic society, then we don’t know what is!