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Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Cloud Data Warehouse Solution

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Best cloud data warehouse solution

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Cloud Data Warehouse Solution

We cannot undermine the fact that data is the most valuable asset for all businesses. And hence, it becomes imperative to have the best data warehouse solutions.

Many companies offer data warehousing solutions with diverse features so that you can effectively maintain the data. Using the same, you can cull out the data, transform and edit the data, and remain consistent in your analytics.

Cloud Data Warehouse

One of the best inventions in data warehousing technology has been delivering the data via a cloud application. Now, data warehousing has become even more flexible. It has equipped the businesses to edit the features as per their dynamic requirements. This transformation has led to a huge shift in data management and provides beneficial results to the enterprises.

The cloud data warehouse is a public database that can be optimized for analytics and is simple to use. The companies who have moved to cloud-based data warehouses are now free to focus on the perfect execution of the business without necessitating to maintain a room full of servers. The organisations have vouched that their BI or Business Intelligence teams have started to deliver in a much improved and swifter manner, having better access and scalability.

When the data is in the cloud, the companies allow their analysts to use real-time data. Also, it is far less costly to scale a cloud data warehouse as compared to the on-premise system, as there is no cost spent on purchasing hardware in the former. A cloud data warehouse allows the queries to run speedily too.

A cloud service provider attests to data safety, while for on-premise data it will depend on the skill of their IT team.

Now, the most critical question is, which cloud data warehousing services you should opt for! Here, we will discuss the factors you need to bear in mind while choosing the right cloud data warehouse solution.

How To Select the Best Cloud Data Warehouse Solution?

The market for cloud data warehousing solutions has been booming lately. Now, most organisations have taken a step forward to take advantage of a cloud solution and cut their data maintenance cost. Cloud data warehouses include a collection of databases. Data warehouse testing has an integrated query engine that allows organisations to search and analyse the data.

There are many cloud data warehousing services. Choosing a service provider for a cloud data warehouse can get complicated. There are certain factors and criteria to consider when you begin to evaluate them. Here are some significant factors that will help you to select the best –



All the data warehouses have high uptime, but they are often prone to outages. Internet failure and human mistakes are evidence that leads to downtime, making the warehouse unavailable at times.

While you pick the data warehouse service, the first and the most important factor to consider is the availability or dependability. Go for the cloud data warehouse providers that treat reliability and dependability as a feature of paramount importance.


This is yet another feature that should be a must-have factor in your list. The data warehousing services that offer flexibility and scalability of data storage and computing must be preferred. Systems like massively parallel processing or MPP allows the cloud data warehouse service providers to scale up as and when the demands are high or low.

The Extent of Services Provided

The data warehouses provide many functions. The ambit of the functions may include providing reports to the managers, interactive exploration, analysis for analysts, predictive analysis, algorithm support, etc. Some cloud data solution providers may offer additional or special benefits too.

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A cloud data warehouse must be chosen based on the level and type of security it provides. Though most of the cloud companies ensure the latest security systems that are free of errors, you must evaluate the same to find whether it matches the security needs of your business. Cloud data warehouse must be able to do user authentication; fine-grain data access control, ensure data shielding, data encryption, data erasure, etc.

Advanced Analysis Functions

Look for cloud data warehousing services that can integrate advanced analysis functions and are not limited to clustering, subdivision, classification, and association analysis. Cloud data warehouse service that supports advanced computing functions and innovates designs too must be preferred.


Do not ignore to research about different cloud data warehouses and their data requirements and assumptions. Different data warehouses may have different assumptions related to the data type, etc.

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Evaluate the level of flexibility you are looking for to fund which company fits best.

Popularity in the Market and Reputation

There are many fast and scalable data warehouse services with the deployment of more than ten thousand customers. You will find certain providers who have a great market reputation and are known to provide big data support. They enjoy a name in the market for the best optimization of speed and high concurrency. They are identified as the benchmark of the performance. If you think that such brands are way too expensive for you to afford, then it becomes vital for you to know that they offer their services as a cost-effective solution.

Consider Your Business Needs

Cloud data warehouses aim to be suitable for all types of industries and business verticals. Still, before finalizing one, you must consider what are your plans of usage, your use case, and what are your specific business circumstances. These are the factors that will determine what kind of cloud data warehouse you will need. Like if your business does not have a dedicated data administrator, then you would want to use a warehouse that can provide you with a substantial configuration and regular monitoring of the data.

Some cloud platforms offer storing, processing, and analyzing data in a serverless system. They focus on continuous scalability and large deployments within seconds. They are known to provide services dynamically without needing any upfront provisioning or hardware management.


You must consider costs such as procurement costs, deployment cost, data development cost, data maintenance cost, regular costs, etc.

Different data warehouse solutions calculate their costs in different ways. Some may bundle the storage and compute resources together, which results in simple pricing. Some may have a granular pricing structure as per the storage and streaming. Some companies do not charge for hardware resources, but they don’t offer a fixed cost.

Many cloud data warehouse service providers offer flat-rate pricing. Some even provide heavy discounts if the business company pays for the resource usage for the entire year as an annual contract. It might be difficult for you to understand and know the accurate costs before using the data warehouse. You can analyse workflows to get an idea and calculate expected utilization.

Some vendors provide free trials. This will also help you to know a rough estimate of costs.

Choosing the best cloud data warehousing services for your business can get tricky. As you would have seen, many variables can lay an impact on the deployment of this system for your business. Take time to evaluate these factors and select the warehouse that best fits your business goals and needs.