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Exploring Advanced Gender Justice with Employing Women as Leaders

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Women as Leaders

Exploring Advanced Gender Justice with Employing Women as Leaders

Women are powerful agents of change, and the far-reaching benefits of diversity and gender parity in leadership and decision-making are increasingly recognized in all spheres. Women as leaders and decision-makers at all levels are critical to advancing gender justice and gender equality and to furthering economic, social, and political progress for all. In popular and the most stereotypical perception women and technology share an unusual, if not contradictory, relationship. Thus, women are not supposed to be ‘comfortable’ with the nitty-gritty of technology, leave alone the question of them being at the helm of affairs in tech firms or empowering women leaders. It is also a fact that this perception also rules the corporate tech domain.

At best, women are expected to occupy the lower strata of the job hierarchy and they are kept far away from the orbit of the vital decision-making process as prominent women leaders. To be more specific, women have a minimal role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the companies in which they work.

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But things may no longer be the same. Here they come and for good.

Technology is a space that men dominated for a long time. From the cultural belief that Computer Science is a ‘subject for boys’ to the assumption and discrimination that women experience in the field, it can be challenging for women at every stage of their careers to thrive in tech. Nevertheless, many high-performing women persist and succeed as leaders despite the gender biases pitted against them.

In the fast-changing world, facts also change, and in some cases for the better. In recent times a number of women are becoming real game-changers in the tech world. Making a highly effective blend of impeccable academic background and intensive on-the-job experience they are displaying extraordinary ability to guide their respective companies to high peaks of success.

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What is to be flagged here is the point that the performance of women’s leadership is not confined to maintaining the status quo in companies. Their zest leads them to aggressively take up huge complex challenges that have to be negotiated to move forward in an extremely competitive tech world. Thus, making each of them one of the empowering women leaders to follow in the 21st century.

Such development reveals what has been hidden from us so far: that gender bias, with women at the receiving end, is a mental construct of the patriarchal forces. It shows that the argument that the ‘weaker sex’ is not up to the mark in performing in the high-tech world is a myth to put women in subordinate positions.

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The following profiles of some of the most successful and empowering women leaders also tell us in no fewer revealing terms that gender equality results in the much greater spread and depth in the ever-dynamic tech world.

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It is being said that having women in senior leadership positions can positively impact female employee engagement and retention. In organizations where more senior leadership positions are held by women, they are more likely to get equal pay. In addition to this, female employees feel higher job satisfaction and can stay with the company longer than a year.