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  /  Latest News   /  Everything you need to know about Quantum Internet
quantum internet quantum computer

Everything you need to know about Quantum Internet

Quantum internet has the power to give businesses a competitive edge in a promising revolutionary technology and open up a new world of inventions and infinite possibilities

 The development of the internet isn’t as effective as it once was; rather, it has established many flaws that can be easily exploited and corrupted. Because of vulnerabilities such as weak passwords and vulnerable transactions, the internet’s future has in store a remedy for protection and defenses to safeguard it from hackers all over the world. Many countries around the world want to create a quantum internet; such a revolution would give them a competitive edge in promising revolutionary technology and open up a new world of inventions and infinite possibilities.

As per a report of Zdnet, “Recently the US Department of Defense (DoE) published the first blueprint of its kind, laying out a step-by-step strategy to make the quantum internet dream come true, at least in a very preliminary form, over the next few years. The US joined the EU and China in showing a keen interest in the concept of quantum communications.”

Quantum Internet

According to, “It is a theoretical system of interconnected quantum computers that uses quantum signals to send information rather than radio waves. If implemented, the quantum internet is intended to eventually complement the current system of interconnected computers that share information through classical computing means, such as over standard communication protocols that physically connect networks over geographical space.”

By integrating quantum information systems into the overall Internet infrastructure, the Quantum Internet has the ability to enhance Internet application functionality.

The speed and security of a quantum communication network over a traditional one are its key advantages. In theory, entanglement allows for immediate contact over arbitrarily wide distances. Acting on one of two intertwined qubits will have an immediate and observable effect on the other, no matter how far apart they are positioned.

How will quantum internet support various industries?

When it comes to protecting online transactions, analysts predict that the quantum internet will support the financial sector. Benefits are also projected to be realized in the healthcare and public sectors. Quantum computing can help position companies to tackle complex challenges like supply chain management, in addition to offering a quicker, safer internet experience.

What is the quantum internet’s distance from us?

A combination of scientific issues and technical problems are the remaining roadblocks to a quantum internet. Manipulation of qubits between quantum computers necessitates synchronization and monitoring in a way that conventional bit management does not. Although quantum computers cannot directly transfer quantum information over the internet, they do require conventional computers that can interact over the internet.

Future Prospects

Many firms and institutions have made claims that the quantum benefits or the quantum supremacy are hundreds or thousands of times faster than a classic computer than a quantum computer, or they are sufficiently powerful to complete calculations that classically supercomputers can’t do.

According to Tech Republic, Chirag Dekate, Research Vice President at Gartner said, “2021 will be a pivotal year for seeing the maturation of the vendor landscape. Amazon, Azure, and other cloud service providers are aggressively ramping up their quantum capability, Dekate said, and current quantum leaders like IBM and DWave are developing in-depth roadmaps around the scale of the systems.”