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Ernie Bot is to be Integrated Across All Operations of Baidu

  /  Latest News   /  Ernie Bot is to be Integrated Across All Operations of Baidu

Ernie Bot is to be Integrated Across All Operations of Baidu

We have complied about the Ernie Bot to be integrated across all operations of Baidu

With its headquarters in Beijing’s Haidian District, Baidu, Inc. is a multinational Chinese technology company that focuses on services, products, and artificial intelligence (AI) related to the Internet. It is one of the world’s largest AI and Internet businesses. The group has its holding company incorporated in the Cayman Islands. Eric Xu and Robin Li founded Baidu in January 2000.

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Before Robin Li founded Baidu in 2000, he created RankDex, an earlier search engine. RankDex was founded in 1996.

Baidu provides several services, such as a Chinese search engine and a mapping service known as Baidu Maps. There are approximately 57 search and community services offered by Baidu, including Baidu Baike, Baidu Wangpan, and Baidu Tieba.

The international products and services that Baidu provides for markets other than China are the responsibility of the Baidu Global Business Unit (GBU). The keyboard apps Simeji and Facemoji Keyboard, the content recommendation platform popIn, the augmented reality network OmniAR, the Japanese smart projector popIn Aladdin, and the advertising platform MediaGo are all part of Baidu GBU’s product portfolio. MediaGo is geared toward Chinese advertisers looking to reach users in other countries. As the official ad reseller for Snapchat in Greater China, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, Baidu GBU joined forces with Snap Inc.

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in 2017. In 2019, the partnership was extended.

During a conference call with analysts, Baidu’s CEO Robin Li said that the first thing the company will do is integrate Ernie Bot into its search service, and will be the ChatGPT Rival. This will help the company attract new users and profitably grow its market share. The company intends to make the bot available to its intelligent driving unit and business partners after this. Additionally, Baidu anticipates a growing number of business owners and entrepreneurs developing their models and applications on the Baidu AI Cloud.

“With users raving about ChatGPT, large language models (LLMs) made possible by generative AI have recently emerged as a huge trend that will transform numerous businesses. Li stated that Baidu is well-positioned to profit from the upcoming “inflection point” in artificial intelligence.

Baidu and other Chinese tech companies have announced that they will release a chatbot in the style of ChatGPT this month, following the successful launches of Microsoft-backed ChatGPT and Google’s AI chatbot Bard. The old version of the Ernie bot is to be integrated across all the operations of Baidu.

Ernie Bot, according to Baidu, has been in development since 2019 and is based on cutting-edge technology that may initially be integrated into the company’s products as a feature rather than a stand-alone chatbot.

“For a few years, we have been working on the LLM. We launched Ernie in March 2019 and have since increased its parameter count to well over 100 billion. Several billion daily user search requests and other applications serve as training for the chatbot,” Li continued.

Furthermore, Li emphasized on the conference call that Baidu’s Ernie Bot is better suited to the Chinese language and market than models made in other countries.

Li asserts that it is not only a matter of language but also of comprehending Chinese culture. The generative large language model that we are currently working on will be more appropriate for China because Ernie 3.0 is already a very localized AI foundation model for the China market, “explained Li.

With a revenue of 33.1 billion yuan (US$4.80 billion) in the fourth quarter, Baidu surpassed the average estimate of 32 billion yuan provided by Refinitiv-surveyed analysts. Non-GAAP net income, which typically excludes irregular or non-cash expenses, was 5.4 billion yuan, a 32% increase from the previous year.