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Enviroo: Delivering Cutting-Edge Sustainable Solutions in the Plastic Recycling Industry

  /  CXO   /  Enviroo: Delivering Cutting-Edge Sustainable Solutions in the Plastic Recycling Industry

Enviroo: Delivering Cutting-Edge Sustainable Solutions in the Plastic Recycling Industry

Enviroo recycles plastic adhering to regulatory standards, encompassing every strand of the circular economy recycling model.  The company merges social impact with technology innovation to create a better environment – both for today and future generations.

Enviroo’s main focus is on the PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) and creating food grade polymers that go back into food packaging and reforming bottles. The company is constructing a new modular, sustainable recycling plant that will form part of Protos, a plastic recycling hub in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire. Further, it has created a closed-loop recycling method, with long term viability as it ensures transparency, circularity, and sustainability. The team at Enviroo is creating a blueprint to be rolled out across the UK. By providing a solution for each step of the recycling chain and uniting every contributor in the process, the company creates a closed-loop approach that will allow a considerable reduction in plastic waste.

Enviroo understands customer habits and aims to produce Single-Use Plastic Pods located within the local high footfall areas such as shopping centers and retail parks for example and rewards the community for using them. This enables the company to capture more plastic waste than standard DRS schemes. With this ambition, Enviroo also aims to have a social impact. Through the creation of local jobs and by creating a transparent and trusted recycling system, the company strives to benefit the communities it works in. It intends to offer employment opportunities to prisoners during their sentence and after they are released back into the community. The company believes this will help to rehabilitate former offenders, providing much-needed skills and job security.


Aiming For A Sustainable Tomorrow

Plastic disposal is one of the primary concerns of environmentalists to global leaders. Most of the used plastics daily end up in garbage heaps at the landfill or are dumped into oceans, threatening ecological imbalance and the lives of living beings while contributing to pollution. Enviroo’s mission is to change the behavioral habits of plastics users to ensure that the plastic does not enter oceans and landfills. The company advocates responsible for recycling that creates unity amongst all circular economy stakeholders, thus ensuring that 100% of the PET plastic waste is recycled.

At present, Enviroo’s key objective is to provide recycling solutions for PET plastic waste across the United Kingdom by creating transparent recycling protocols that encourage commitment from all stakeholders.

Ahmed Detta founded Enviroo in a quest to make plastics recycling habitual in everyday life and instill the belief that everyone involved in this journey benefits. Ahmed has a personal drive to ensure creating an innovative recycling business, which is both a force for good and drives profitability.

After studying at the Cambridge University Institute of Sustainable Leadership, Ahmed was interested to understand the behaviors around recycling, how consumers recycle, and what motivates people to recycle.

This inspired him to develop Enviroo’s business model from a concept. He is optimistic that Enviroo will be fully funded by the end of 2020, with construction operations commencing in early 2021.


A Visionary Leader with Vibrant Leadership

Ahmed established Enviroo with a vision to not only create sustainable and better recycling solutions but to make sure the business would have a social impact in communities whilst creating profit. Ahmed firmly believes that profit and doing good can go hand in hand.

He has been integral to the business, and with his determination, the company found an ideal location to build the first site by partnering with Peel Environmental at Protos. While Enviroo brings together stakeholders to create better recycling, Ahmed is adept at uniting a team of people who share his vision and who will help him make Enviroo a leader in the recycling industry.


Fortifying Recycling Industry through Key Partnerships

The state of the UK’s recycling industry has been well documented. Ahmed discovered that waste which should be recycled was sent abroad, and the level of trust in the sector by the public is at an all-time low.

Therefore, through Enviroo, he aspires to change this by making recycling innovative. He achieves this by bringing together all stakeholders like manufacturers, government agencies, FMCG brands, consumers, and charities by following a closed-loop approach to the PET plastic to reduce the amount of plastic waste through well-planned recycling.


Challenges Obstructing Business Growth

Some of the significant challenges faced by the company has been the lack of legislation and policy to support recycling in the UK. The lack of legislation globally has enabled plastics to enter a landfill or freely transported across the globe to countries where the process and infrastructure are not in place for effective material recycling. However, Ahmed thinks that currently, Enviroo is fortunate that the industry is now supported by legislation enabling recycling infrastructure to be developed and contribute to supporting the climate emergency.


Notable Client Feedback and Prestigious Accomplishments

Enviroo has been recognized as a disruptor in the recycling industry by campaigning for the much-needed transparency in waste management processes and procedures. Circularity-led thinking has helped the company to gain recognition as the most progressive circular economy recycling firm in 2019.

The company is proud to have achieved the following industry endorsements:

  • 10th most disruptive company in the UK – Awarded by Disruption50

The Disruption50 Index is a pioneering project to seek out and profile UK’s most disruptive businesses. The index shines a spotlight on the British companies who are championing innovation and are making the most of the opportunities presented by the world today. The judges applauded Enviroo’s intelligent technology and transparency.

  • Most Progressive Circular Economy

Enviroo has been recognized as the ‘Most Progressive Circular Economy Recycling Firm 2019’ awarded by Build Magazine.

  • The Most Disruptive Tech Companies by Industry Wired

These awards praise companies who have brought innovation to the real world and who are poised to transform it. Enviroo was cited as one of the top disruptive tech companies to watch in 2020. The judges complimented on Ahmed’s “macro outlook” and the ability to create micro solutions to problems in the recycling industry, ensuring all stakeholders benefit. They also congratulated Enviroo’s DNA level quest for improvement and innovation.

  • Stock exchange accreditation

Enviroo has been awarded the ‘Social Stock Exchange Impact, Accreditation Standard’. The company was accredited by the Impact Investment Network– the first operator of the Social Stock Exchange license. The network recognized Enviroo’s technology as “transformative, which will make much-needed progress on the battle with plastics both here and across the world.”

  • Patron – History of Parliament Trust

Enviroo’s Chief Executive, Ahmed Detta, was appointed as the patron of the official History of Parliament Trust’s ‘300 Years of Leadership and Innovation’. 2021 will see the trust mark more than 300 years of the parliamentary leadership, innovation, and representative government. His ambitious vision to disrupt the UK’s recycling industry is being recognized in this celebration.

  • Green Springboard Partner

Enviroo is recognized by Green Springboard, an organization that supports green business owners and entrepreneurs – working together to drive positive environmental change.


Plans for Future Endeavors

Enviroo aims to grow in the UK with its blueprint for recycling PET plastic. The company has identified several areas in the UK that could benefit from this closed-loop approach. There is an ambition to create the Single-Use Plastic Pod too- a form of the deposit return scheme, which would be aimed at consumers to help capture much more than plastic bottles, but all plastic packaging. Enviroo is providing an alternative way to recycling in the UK, and Ahmed and his team are ensuring this is transparent and trustworthy.