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Entropik Tech Announces Beta Launch of its Disruptive Conversational Intelligence Platform, Decode

  /  Latest News   /  Entropik Tech Announces Beta Launch of its Disruptive Conversational Intelligence Platform, Decode

Entropik Tech Announces Beta Launch of its Disruptive Conversational Intelligence Platform, Decode

Learn about Entropik’s new Decode

Bengaluru, India, 18 November 2021: Entropik Tech, the world leader in Emotion AI, today announced the beta launch of its new conversational intelligence platform, Decode, which comes ready to be integrated with the existing conferencing and collaboration ecosystem. It seamlessly gathers conversation data and creates a layer of intelligence on top to turn conversations(sales, team and HR/candidate conversations) into actionable insights that will increase the efficiency and productivity of organizations.

Elaborating on the above, users will be able to host, record and upload conversations, avail playback with transcription capabilities, index videos, tag conversations and get access to Emotion AI and sentiment analysis. Additionally, users will have the ability to integrate with video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet and Teams.

The beta sign-up is now open, and the platform is available exclusively for beta users for the next 60 days, during which Entropik’s team will monitor feedback and input. The future release contemplated for 2022 will include detailed integration with the company’s Emotion AI capabilities. Decode is the first platform to utilize Emotion AI capabilities and the only platform to provide integrated conversation capabilities.

On average, each company records thousands of meeting minutes every month. More than 80% of these recordings remain unused. Decode as a product, solves the problem of unused meeting recordings for organizations and turns them into useful insights that will help in increased productivity of the business.

Talking about the new launch, Ranjan Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Entropik Tech, said, “We are excited to announce the beta launch of our latest innovation, Decode. Being a conversation intelligence platform, it offers companies a chance to unlock the unlimited potential of all conversations. The product is self-serve, easy-to-use and enables users to collate all their conversations in one place, regardless of the video conferencing tools they use. With the availability of Emotion AI capabilities, we believe that it signals a new era in video conversations. We look forward to announcing the General Availability of Decode in the next two months”.

Entropik Tech’s next milestone will be the release of the final product, an upgraded version of the one issued for beta testing, which will also include new additional Emotion AI features. Individuals or companies wishing to request an invite to the product’s Beta version may do so through the company’s website,


About Entropik Tech

Entropik is the world’s premier Emotion AI platform, offering AI-enabled emotion recognition technologies. Entropik’s proprietary Consumer Insights platform – Affect Lab – allows brands to measure consumer’s subconscious preferences toward Marketing, Brand, and Product experiences. Entropik provides behavioural insights to over 150 enterprise clients in Telecom, BFSI, Media, CPG, FMCG, and Entertainment industries worldwide. Headquartered in India, the company has a business presence across the EU, North America, Middle East, and SE Asia.