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Empowering Recruiters with AI-Powered Tools to Ease Hiring Process

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Empowering Recruiters with AI-Powered Tools to Ease Hiring Process

Empowering Recruiters with AI-Powered Tools to Ease Hiring Process

Amazing Ways in Which Recruiters Leverage AI in Job Industry


Hiring is one of the most tiring processes in the business world. Rummaging through resumes, shortlisting candidates, cross-checking references, and so on, the responsibilities of a hiring manager do not end. But what if you were told that AI-enabled recruitment tools make it possible to speed up the process of hiring people. According to the Ideal, 96 percent of senior HR professionals have started incorporating AI in the recruitment process. They believe that AI has the potential to enhance talent acquisition and retention greatly. And this trend is likely to continue in the long run. Besides, now thanks to robotics, we are also witnessing robots and cobots who are conducting interviews. For instance, a Swedish robot named Tengai developed by artificial intelligence and social robotics company Furhat Robotics is conducting unbiased job interviews. Below are some of the ways how AI is helping the recruitments department in offices.

  • Intelligent Candidate Screening: On average, hiring managers spend nearly 13 hours sifting through files, looking for the ideal candidate for a single job vacancy. But the problem is their search occurs in a limited talent pool, and often they find applicants with skills shortages that slowed their hiring and negatively affected their business.


AI can help recruiters by expanding the search base and rapidly scan through millions of data points, thus enabling them to identify high-potential candidates quickly. This is usually done by training the algorithm to find specific keywords in application materials that prove their suitability. Some companies use additional search filters to find their ideal candidate. E.g., Filtered is used in tech talent recruiting to test candidates by using multiple coding challenges that are generated automatically.


  • Diversity Hiring: The demand to have a diverse team has increased in recent years. This is to ensure better business decisions and productivity and empowerment of every socio-economic group. The bias in hiring can include anything from racial and gender diversity to age and even geographical location. While having a diverse team can augment brand value, it also improves the innovation and creativity factor of the organization. Besides, it results in boosting employee happiness, productivity, and retention. AI can help in hiring diverse candidates since they are less likely to be prone to biases (unless fed biased training data) than humans and increase an applicant’s chances of being hired owing to AI-powered chatbot and pre-employment assessments to blind hiring and writing general job adverts. The free Google Chrome extension Unbiasify allows recruiters to toggle off names and photos from various talent pool sites such as LinkedIn to mitigate unconscious bias.


  • Candidate Engagement: AI can significantly improve candidate engagement through improved communication between candidates and employers. It helps increase recruiters’ response times; facilitate contacts, such as interview confirmation emails and texts, can be automated, leaving recruiters more time to focus on the more customized interactions needed to cultivate relationships with candidates. According to Mya, a product developed to make recruiting simpler for businesses; its system has averaged a 9.8 out of ten on overall candidate experience. Applicants who engage with Mya are three times more likely to hear back from a recruiter or hiring manager.


There are several benefits of using AI in the recruitment process. AI increases the hiring quality and saves a lot of time. It helps business companies to provide customized Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for every candidate; further, it makes onboarding easier for the selected individuals. In today, COVID-19 stricken job market, it also helps in hiring prospective candidates in remote locations. The only hurdle we need to cross is making these AI-powered recruiting tools error-free.